inspirationbluesmallerchristmas windowThat’s it, it’s officially Christmas season! The John Lewis advert is out today (and just how gorgeous is it? So sweet!) AND I was humming along to the Christmas sound track while shopping for gift tags yesterday.

Today I’ve got a guest post today from Kate who is sharing with us some lovely ways to decorate your windows at Christmas time. It’s going to be a crazy one for us this year with our baby girl due just around Christmas time but I’d love to give some of these a go nevertheless.

Decorating your house at Christmas can be a fun, but there’s a fine line between charming and tacky when it comes to Christmas decor. Luckily when it comes to making window displays it’s hard to go too wrong.


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Making paper snowflakes is so nostalgic of primary school, whether you have children or not. It’s cheap as chips and lots of fun to do, since the only required materials are scissors and printer paper. Making a display out of them is super easy – make a range of different sizes and tack them straight onto the window for a sudden blizzard effect, or add a hole punch to the top and thread string through to create a garland, perfect for accessorizing a curtain pole.

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Curtain Embellishments

For an understated, chic design, take some christmas tree beads or pendant decorations and accessorize your curtains. Like adding a statement pendant over an LBD, beads can be threaded through curtain loops to hang over block-coloured drapes, adding a pop of colour and sparkle. Crystal or glass baubles in the centre of a window can make some great rainbow effects during the daytime, as the light is refracted throughout the room.

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DIY Wreaths

Perfect for doors and windows, small Christmas wreaths look traditional and festive, and make great craft projects. Visit a craft shop to get hold of some artificial grapevine and wire to hold your wreath together, and add whatever embellishments you choose, from florals to fruits to pinecones with a hot glue gun. Acrylic paint and glitter glue can be used to add extra colour and sparkle as you see fit. Add some essential oils like Orange for a lovely welcoming fragrance.

cards in window

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Card Garland

As Christmas cards arrive, it can be hard to find somewhere to display them all, especially if you don’t have a mantelpiece. Sash windows are ideal here, as you can tie ribbon to the pulleys on either side and hang your cards sideways or secure with clothes pegs to create a Victorian style garland. Give it some flair by tying bows or adding tinsel over the knots to seal them in as decor.

candles and plant

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Illuminated Planters

If your green thumb amounts to a pot on the windowsill, there’s still potential to add some Christmas spirit. tiny LED string lights can be wrapped through a small shrub, or decorate with small baubles to add some embellishment. Add a touch of greenery to candles in the window for a natural, rustic look.