TK Maxx is my go to shop, for everything. I need a new dress to go out in – TK Maxx, I need a new work outfit – TK Maxx, I want a new handbag/sunglasses/frying pan/rug – TK Maxx.

I also love the afforable, original, designery stuff they do for kids. So when TK Maxx offered me an £100 voucher to spend on some new summery clothes for Littlelish we let out a huge WHOOP! Let me tell you what I discovered – £100 goes really, really far…


I don’t know about you but I find it really easy to shop in TK Maxx. Rather than fall in love with a dress, sifting through the sizes to discover age 4 (or in my case size 14) is sold out…. The age ranges are all on the same rail so you know you needn’t look anywhere other than the 4 years old rail / coloured hangers for your selection.


And so we began sifting through many a gorgeous outfit. Littlelish was of course over the moon to be able to choose her new purchases and wanted to buy the entire rack. I explained to her we really did need to cut the pile down which wasn’t too well received but I managed to persuade her by letting her mostly choose her own dresses (normally a bit of a no-go as she has really rather quirky read – hideous taste). I drew the line at the bridesmaids dress but the other dresses she picked out were all very sweet (luckily you can’t go too wrong at TK Maxx).


We didn’t do any trying on. Does anyone ever do trying on with a 3 year old? It seems like my idea of hell! We made it home, happily with 3 pairs of shoes, 6 dresses and 2 tops, practically her entire summer wardrobe! What do you think of our buys? I am a little in love with the Stella MacCartney mushroom tshirt, the gorgeous green dress from Strawberry Faire and the blue Oilily dress that is just so pretty! What have you bought this summer at TKMaxx? x