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As a lover of interior design there is nothing I love more than getting inspired by other people’s houses. Whether it be in a magazine, on pinterest or in real life, I love to see how different people fill a space with their personality and possesions.

So when I heard about new online community UNBOXED created by MADE.COM I was intrigued. The idea was to take real life MADE customers’ homes and showcase their styles and their MADE products in a real life setting.

Chloe Macintosh, MADE.COM Co-Founder and Creative Director, said: “Unboxed contextualises our products without the need for costly lifestyle shoots or high street shops, which ultimately the customer would pay for. But more than that, Unboxed demonstrates ‘collaborative consumption’ a movement empowering consumers to take inspiration from each other.”

What a way to tap into the nations obsession with property porn! Genius!

Apparently more than one in 10 Brits have admitted viewing a property with no intention to buy – a practice most common in London, where 19% of people have posed as a buyer. More than half of us admit to looking into the windows of others’ homes when walking past; with 2% of us deliberately going out in the early evening to specifically look into other people’s homes. The survey of over 1,000 people, aged 16-64*, also found that incredibly, one in 20 people have even used binoculars or a camera to see inside a neighbour’s house. However, almost half (45%) of us would welcome someone into our home to have a look around a new extension or at their furniture if they asked.

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I’m not sure about snooping into our neighbours houses with binoculars! But I certainly was interested to check out UNBOXED and get my property porn fix!

But more than that, what a clever way it is for MADE customers to connect with real people who have already bought a product. You can take a virtual house tour to see how they’ve styled their MADE products and even ask questions on what they think of their product. It’s a great way to research whether a product is suitable for you and get ideas for how you can style it before you buy.

The website is in it’s beta version since the end of July but already there are many MADE customers showcasing their houses, including us! We have a couple of MADE products and were asked if we wanted to be part of the original community. I doubted for a while, with nothing feeling quite finished yet in our house would it be inspiring to people? But people can be inspired by all kinds of ideas, whether it is a perfect showhome or not and that was the whole point of this concept, the homes are real and owned by real people.

We don’t all live in million pound houses or quirky converted warehouses (how ever much we would like to!) infact some of us live in modest 4 bedroom modern house – like me!

So would you like to have a look around my house? Check out our house here on UNBOXED with MADE.COM.

What do you think? It has been described as welcoming, homely, family friendly and fresh, which is perfect to me. We want a warm family home that is practical but fun.

Our house has a good amount of living space for a family. Everyone has enough room to do their thing be it play space for my daughter, a music room for my boyfriend or a creative space / office for me. After living in many older properties I find this house extremely well insulated and lovely and warm in the winter. Although I miss the character of a period property this house was a great blank canvas for us to put our stamp on to create a lovely family home. We’ve been able to inject our personalities into it using décor and furniture. Plus I’ve always got plenty of creative ideas and have a real interest in interior design so the house is a project that keeps me busy! It is still work in progress as we need to get more colour on the walls!

I would describe my style as romantic, bohemian and original. I love items that are sentimental or unique, often from far off places. I like my home to be relaxing and inspiring. I am a big nature lover, in particular the coast and sea so I am often inspired by the colours or textures of natural objects. I like to combine this with modern design which is also a passion of mine. Our house is a combination of styles however, my boyfriend taste is quite masculine and more luxurious than mine so it has been quite a challenge to combine the two!

We are big fans of the products on MADE.COM and are pleased to be able to showcase our lovely products. It is a pretty awesome place to buy original, interesting furniture and decorative items that are just a little bit different! Do you have any products by MADE? How about showcasing them on UNBOXED too?