I love discovering new brands, be it for the home, fashion or kids. I often like things that are a bit different and original so it figures that I also like smaller independant retailers. Their fresh designs and creative talent means you can often find something pretty awesome, homemade and unique. I’ve decided to ressurect my style spot where I feature these sort of designers offering them a platform for their products and you a chance to find some fab things that you might not otherwise know about.

This weeks style spot features the fab Ladybird likes who I discovered in my goodie bag from Blogtacular as it contained a gorgeous butterfly necklace designed by Zoe. Ladybird likes was founded in 2012 by Zoe Jade who started making jewellery out of the old books she collected on her travels.  Drawing inspiration from nature and vintage finds, the brand is based around the things Zoe likes, so there are certain themes that run through her work like woodland creatures, floral motifs, typography, nods to vintage and retro icons, lots of mint green and grey, geometric shapes and quirky details.

One of her most popular pieces are the collar clips. I think they are absolutely adorable along with everything else Zoe makes. I’d struggle to pick out a favourite piece as I’d like them all! I have been wearing my butterfly necklace religiously and can confim is as wellmade as it is beautiful. Thank you Ladybird likes.