I LOVE boots. Knee high boots, ankle boots, heeled boots, flat boots, even wellie boots! I don’t own nearly enough pairs and I’ve found a company called Kiboots that makes gorgeous boots like these (above) and I must have them. Many moons ago, when pinterest first started I pinned a pair of vintage boots, very similar to these to my ‘want’ list. They were a vintage one off and had already been sold :( boo… but when I discovered the Kiboots online store, it was full of boots just like them! Wooohooo.

Kiboots are colourful handmade boots made by skilled artisans with over more than 30 years of experience, who combine original vintage kilim rugs with quality leather. Each pair of Kiboots is branded by hand and only the perfect boots are allowed to wear the ‘K’, with pride!

Combine their bohemian and vintage charisma together with the sustainable though traditional, handcrafted manufacturing techniques and a one-of-a-kind product, which perfectly matches nowadays fashion, originates.

Kiboots is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam but these awesome boots are sure to go global soon. I spotted them on FAB UK. Which pair would you rock? http://www.kiboots.com