wild-and-wolf-746-phone-copper-1Bring Bring… remember that lovely sound our phones used to make before we could select what ringtone we wanted? In fact some of us, ah hum, may even remember the phones that had rotary dial! I know I do, although I was a child at the time, I’ve loved them ever since.

We’ve been reviewing the Wild and Wolf 746 retro phone (£49) from Red Candy this week and loving it! With it’s authentic Sixties styling and gorgeous copper finish, we’ve loved having a phone that stands out as a design piece in it’s own right and have received compliments from visitors all week. And that bring bring ringtone is just awesome. It took me by surprise in the beginning, I couldn’t figure out what the noise was… then I realised it was our phone ringing!


The Wild and Wolf phone is, of course, an updated version of the original rotary 746 phone from 1967 minus the cumbersome rotary dial (remember when you dialled the last number wrong aaarghh!) with modern push buttons, a redial button, earpiece volume control and ringer on/off option. But that gorgeous retro design has stayed the same, stylish and nostalgic yet totally comtemporary too – it’s a real presence in any room.

It plugs in as any normal phone would and it’s actually made the phone ringing quite a fun experience, ok it doesn’t have a display to say who is calling so you can’t catch those pesky cold callers (luckily we hardly ever get any) but that’s actually part of the fun! It’s like going back to a simpler day and I actually rather like that. Littlelish has found it really fun too, whereas she has never ever taken an interest in the old standard handset we used to have. She has asked us all for our mobile phone numbers so she can try it out and has been leaving us little voicemails all week, which have really made me smile!


Our lounge hasn’t been decorated yet so the phone hasn’t been ‘styled’ into place yet, although it doesn’t really need anything else to make it shine, it does that all on its own! It would look absolutely perfect on a piece of mid century furniture for a bang on trend look. Have a look at these great shots for inspiration!

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The Wild and Wolf 746 phone is available in a variety of colour combinations (from £37) from Red Candy. I think it would make a great gift for design lovers!

Disclosure: I was gifted the Wild and Wolf phone for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.