tilesmissing1. In the beginning renovating a house when pregnant all seems very exciting and very acheivable. At this point in time you seem to forget you will soon be the size of a baby hippo.

2. There are a lot of things you cannot do. You spend a lot of time on google, checking whether or not it’s advisable to strip wallpaper / sand floors / paint woodwork / knock down walls when pregnant. I’ll save you the time, it’s usually a no.

3. After googling, you are totally terrified of inhaling some poisonous gas / paint / dust that could be dangerous to your baby.

4. You feel totally useless and spend quite a bit of time loitering around, looking for something useful you can actually do.

5. You find something to do but after 10 minutes of doing it feel exhausted again and go for a lie down.

6. You will make lots of cups of tea and coffee, unfortunately for other people.

7. You will do a lot of moaning, even if you are generally normally of very sunny disposition. Trust me.

8. Building mess and dust gets everywhere. Despite the fact you’ve carefully protected your prize posessions with dust sheets, the dust will still make it’s way onto every single surface. You may diligently clean the dust off your beloved items only for it to magically reappear 1 day later.

9. Your hands will constantly feel dusty and dry. You need shares in hand cream, slippers and dusters.

10. What you thought would take a few weeks actually drags on for months. It’s the only time you will ever want to stay pregnant for longer than 40 weeks… Please whatever you do, don’t come early baby!