“Mum, pleeeeeease, can I have a sleepover?” is a question we’ve all been asked time after time. Now that school’s out and we don’t have to worry about our daughters being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for Monday morning, now’s a good time to take the plunge and finally say yes to a pyjama party. Read on to see how to give your daughter an awesome slumber party without losing your own sanity in the process!

Safety in Numbers

If it’s your daughter’s first sleepover, start small by just inviting one friend over. If she absolutely insists on more, make four the limit, including her. Odd numbers can cause problems as one person is more likely to be left out and big gangs of girls staying in your house overnight will spell crazy chaos and tears before bedtime!

Time For Tea

Don’t be tempted to go for a mid-afternoon start – by 5pm, you’ll be wanting to shoo them all out the door. Invite them over around 6pm for an easy tea of pizza, veg sticks and ice cream. Then they’ve still got plenty of time to hang out or play before it’s time to get changed for bed.




Wind Down Time

There’s no chance you’ll have a bedroom full of sleeping beauties by 8pm, and after all, part of the fun of a slumber party is staying up thrillingly late. Having said that, you don’t want them still on the rampage at 10pm, so when the time feels right, take things down a notch or two by settling them on the sofa with a DVD. There’s nothing like a sing-a-long to Frozen to keep them entertained but stationary.


Midnight Feast?

It wouldn’t be a proper sleepover if they weren’t oh-so-subtly planning a midnight feast under your nose. Despite their best efforts, even older girls will probably fall fast asleep long before the witching hour, but if they insist on a feast, why not suggest 9 or 10pm? If they refuse to go for it, you can always change the clocks!yumyum

Sleepover Style

Let’s face it, as the item of clothing fewest people see, our girls’ pyjamas are often the last thing on the list when it comes to a wardrobe refresh. But no sleepover is complete without a brand new set of sleepwear to make a style statement in. Whether she goes for a cute’n’cosy character set, a beautiful bunny motif or some fashiontastic One Direction-themed pyjamas, these girls’ pyjamas from George will fit the bill.


The Morning After

If you’re lucky, the excitement of the night before will mean your houseguests will sleep beyond the crack of dawn – but this is kids we’re talking about, so don’t bank on it! Make sure you’re on hand early doors with toast, juice and cereals and, most importantly of all, make sure they’re out of their pyjamas and ready for their parents to pick them up by 10am. At this point, providing lunch isn’t an option!

Hurrah – you’ve hosted a successful sleepover – now for a bit of me time!