lovepinksmallermama-and-dWith Christmas coming up everyone is busy creating their wishlists for Santa but at 34 weeks pregnant I’ve only one thing on my mind – the arrival of this little baby! Now I’m officially on maternity leave I seem to be on go slow. Not sure when the nesting is going to kick in but I’d quite like it to, I’ve so much to do still! To make matters worse everyone keeps on looking at bump and saying “oooh you’ll never go full term will you, you are enormous!” or “Your bump has definitely already dropped, she’s on her way soon!”. But I’m not ready and the hospital bag / baby washing pile / baby nursery isn’t going to pack / wash / decorate itself! Eeek motivation to move, where are you??

So you know, to be productive and all I’ve decided to compile a baby wish list (because that is really going to help!) with my absolute favourite new baby must haves. I’ve got quite exclusive (read expensive) taste, I’ve even got the nickname Exclusy Lucy as I always seem to manage to choose the most expensive thing in the shop without even trying. I just can’t help love all the pretty things! Anyway this list is a dream list, so some of these items will appear in our house and others simply won’t because of the price tag. We are also mid house renovation so a bit of restraint is kind of necessary! One good thing I have found is that well made things last very well so I’ve been able to pick up some great bargains on Ebay once I’ve decided what I want. You see I can be frugal when required :)


Baby crib For the baby crib we’ve decided to opt for a Snuzpod. Voted number 1 crib for 2015, the clever design provides a safe alternative to bed sharing. Your little one has their own sleeping space but with the pod being attached to your bed you get to sleep right next to baby making feeding and sleeping just that bit easier. I cannot wait to test it out!


Pram / PushchairI have to confess to being a bit in love with the Bugaboo brand. I’ve always loved them, maybe because I spent 10 years in Holland which is where the brand is from and nearly everyone has one! Joking aside it’s the strength, durability and flexibility that I love most of all. It’s the only pushchair I know that you can actually push on the beach and in the woods! We have a Bugaboo Cameleon 2, sure I’d love a 3 but they are so robust and well made I know this older model has plenty of years left in it! What’s more it is a complete travel system, we can plug our Maxi Cosi into it and then straight into the car and every little bit of convenience helps!

didymos orient

Sling I love the idea of wearing baby in a sling. I had a baby carier for Littlelish when she was small and she went everywhere with me, we loved it! I’ve since read that fabric slings are actually much better for babies legs and hips so we will be investing in a good one of these shortly. There are lots of brands on the market, but I’ve recently heard great things about Didymos and they have the most beautiful designs like this one above so I will be giving their sling a go.

Ellena storksak

Changing bagHere is where Exclusy Lucy takes over as I really struggle to choose a nappy bag that doesn’t cost the earth. I think it is because all the nappy bags I like don’t actually look like changing bags and this is something you have to pay for. My favourite changing bag right now is the Ellena by Storksak, it’s so beautiful, stylish and yet uber practical. Ticks all the boxes for me.


Playpen I loved Littlelish’s playpen when she was a baby. Back then we had cats, now we have a crazy dog and I find it so much safer to put her down in the playpen (with adjustable height for smaller babies) knowing she is out of reach and cannot do herself any harm. It’s ideal for answering the door, making a cup of tea or whatever else you need to do for a minutes peace. We’ve chosen the Baby Dan playpen but got a great deal from Ebay which saved us quite a bit. They are so sturdy and the wood doesn’t damage easily so its definitely an option to go second hand if you need to.

tripp trapp

Highchair I guess I’ve noticed a recurrent theme, I like sturdy, wooden, simple and modern looking. But it has to be practical too. The Tripp Trapp chair by Stokke is my very favourite high chair and ticks all these boxes. Suitable from 0 – 80 it’s the only chair I know that grows with the child and that you wouldn’t actually mind having round your dining room table. Littlelish still uses her Stokke chair and loves it and so do I. I particularly like that when baby can sit up straight it can be pushed right up to the table and baby can actually join us for family meal time.

What was on your baby wishlist? Any great recommendations or must haves? Share them in the comments we would love to know! x