style blue narrowerAlmond-BranchesWhen I think of wallpaper, the first thing that comes to mind is the layers and layers of it we have had to strip off in our new house! With the house being built in Edwardian times, it has seen its fair share of wallpaper from anaglypta to chinz…

As an 80’s child, when paint effects were in and wallpaper was very much out, I’m still left with the idea that it is fussy and a pain to put up. I know that this is not really true and that wallpaper has been back in for quite a while now with some incredibly beautiful designs available. Still I’ve not been tempted to get out the wallpaper paste, ladders and give it a go myself.

However recently, I was contacted by Murals Wallpaper, who wanted to introduce me to their mural wallpaper. Unlike conventional wallpaper with a repeating pattern, mural wallpaper allows you to print a photographic image on a large scale on your wall, creating some quite amazing effects. One of the great things about renovating your house is the possibility to add personality and creativity in your rooms. Starting from scratch means you have complete design freedom to create something wonderful and unique. I’ve also found it a daunting thought too, because the possibilities are endless and the pressure is on to get it just how you want it!

Having spent some time perusing the website I thought I’d share my favourite designs from Mural Wallpaper with you in case you are feeling daring! The totally great thing is if you can’t find an image you want, you can also upload  your own image or photograph to custom make a totally unique backdrop. All mural wallpapers are from £23.50 per m2.

I love this misty forest, it makes me feel adventurous, wild and free.

mist trees wallpaper Amidst-the-Mist

There is something so serene and calming about these blue hued ombres.

Ombre sea wallpaper

I adore this take on tropical with these luscious palm leaves.


What a wonderful painterly effect you can create by using your favourite artists work as a backdrop. This is Van Gogh’s, Almond Branches.


I’ve always had a thing for maps and this would be a great backdrop in an office or as a statement in a hallway like at my friend Penny’s house.

map wallpaper