I have long been a fan of the gorgeous clothes made by Wild Things. I first discovered them on Etsy and fell pretty much instantly in love with the fun, cute designs, the creative details and the imagination the clothes inspire. I think in all honesty I regressed to being 4 again and wanted one!! I would have loved one of Kirsty’s creations when I was a little girl but luckily I now have Littlelish to dress up!

Shortlisted for the Junior Design awards in 2013 Wild things have gone from strength to strength and Kirsty has added several new designs, from Koala dresses to Russian doll dresses. Playing dress up has never been so gorgeous! I’ve style spotted some particular favourites below for Halloween that I just adore. My absolute favourite is this gorgeous cat cape, what an easy, versatile Halloween costume this would make and hours of fun imaginative play for years afterwards.

You can WIN one of the beautiful cat capes from Wild Things in time for Halloween. Please note the competition is only running for a short time so make sure you enter straight away! You will need to leave a comment and tell me why you want to win the cape and also like / follow Wild Things on Facebook and Twitter via the Rafflecopter. On your marks, get set, go!

I ADORE the Little Red Riding hood cape for Halloween and every other day of the year. Just adorable!

Oooh I’ve always loved this cat dress too, again perfect for Halloween or any other day with a cat loving little one like mine :)

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