It is nearly a full year since we moved out of our family home, after Littlelish’s daddy and I separated. She took moving out of the family home as well as can be expected and still loves to visit her Daddy on weekends.This year has brought new adventures and more recently I moved in with my partner. It was a big step that required much thought on behalf of Littlelish but ultimately it was not something I could avoid forever. We were happy together and we wanted to be together, to move on together.After a month in the new house, I’m happy to reassure you, that it was most definitely the right move. Right now we are working very hard on making a warm, family home where Littlelish feels settled. We want to make the new house very much ‘her’ house, a space she feels comfortable in.

I loved this video by ikea who have captured all the tiny details of how to make a home work for children, have a watch! I love ikea for this kind of thing, they are so good at it!

Over in our house, we’ve taken steps in the right direction. We’ve given Littlelish her dream bedroom with a great bed and bedroom furniture from ikea. You just cannot beat them for childfriendly, durable kids bedrooms. I’ll be doing a grand reveal it of her room shortly…

I’ve also added some of my own ideas over on I’m home honey where I’ve created a post on how to create a stylish, warm family home for children. Check it out, I think you will find there are some good tips!