if you can dream itThe Disney movie offering is bigger than ever nowadays. While the more mature amongst us will remembed the halcyon days of Oscar-winning The Lion King, or even further, Snow White dancing around with her favourite dwarves, they’ve helped to capture our imagination like never before.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we love Disney movies as much as our children, so why not embrace this by modelling your son or daughter’s bedroom on your favourite Disney movie? Here are just a few children’s favourites which will look great as the inspiration for their bedrooms or play areas.

frozen colours

frozen bedroom


Somewhat conveniently, it just so happens that blue is very en vogue this season, so you can not only pay homage to this blockbuster Disney movie but you’ll impress your friends as well. As we move into the winter months, you can recreate the iconic snow topped mountains with hues of white and blue – think midnight blue curtains and white duvet covers to create that ‘blanket’ of snow. Top it off with a few snowflake ornaments and you’ll have your very own winter wonderland.

tangled bed

tangled lights disney


This modern era Disney favourite had audiences laughing at the 21st century twist on the classic fairytale, Rapunzel. While this version focuses on the mischievous nature of the golden-haired princess, some of its traditional elements ring true – including the signature castle. To have your little princess feel like her own Rapunzel, Bedstar have a great range of children’s beds which capture the castle atmosphere perfectly. All you need is a knight in shining armour and the rest will speak for itself!

monsters university stickermonsters inc

Monsters University

Having trouble getting your little one to do his or her homework? Why not create a more studious atmosphere with a bedroom inspired by Monsters University. The popular follow up to Monsters Inc took our beloved Mike and Sulley back to their younger days at university. You can capture that same environment with some quirky desks to give your kids the incentive to do their homework, and don’t forget to add a few monster toys to really immerse yourself in the Disney atmosphere.

wizard of oz bedroom

somewhere over the rainbow


Oz the Great and Powerful

One theme that’s guaranteed to turn your child’s bedroom into an imagination paradise is the theme of magic, so take inspiration from the 2013 hit Oz the Great and Powerful. Another back story to an old classic, the film is based on the Wizard of Oz, giving you plenty of home interior ideas. You could try a yellow rug or carpet, for example, to let you little ones ‘follow the yellow brick road’ and why not add a bit of sparkle like Dorothy’s shoes on curtains, chest of drawers and lampshades?

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