My partner dresses in a simple, classic style. Imagine a nice pair of jeans, crisp white tshirt and a cable knit jumper, oh and a bit of rugged stubble. It’s just the way I like him. He’s never worn much jewellery, he’s a practical man and his watch is his only accessory.

When the team at JORD Wood Watches got in touch, all the way from the USA to see if he would like to review a unique wooden men’s watch, he agreed. JORD watches are hand-crafted timepieces that tell a story. Here is his…

What I look for in a mens watch

I am not usually a big fan of jewellery but when it comes to men’s watches I like them to be modern, unique and comfortable. I have needed a new watch for a while but struggled to find anything I really liked. Until, I was asked to review a watch from JORD. A new discovery for me, JORD make amazingly beautiful hand crafted wood watches using only the very highest quality materials.

Dover Series from JORD

I chose the Dover Series in Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood and as you’ll see from the pictures it is a truly stunning timepiece. Even the box it comes in shouts a quality product. The two types of wood are balanced evenly on the strap and main body. The sapphire glass face is perfectly clear with scratch resistance only rivalled by that of diamond. It provides great visibility of my favourite part, the automatic self-winding movement. I love that I dont need to visit the local jewelers just to get a battery replaced.



Warm and tactile wood

As a family, we love nature. Taking a stroll in the beautiful English countryside is one of our favourite things to do. So having a wooden watch makes perfect sense to me. Previously I’ve always had metal watches but wood is wonderfully tactile and lightweight. Plus the warmth from each of the wooden links feels extremely comfortable on my skin. A metal watch can feel very cold against your wrist particularly in the winter months, but my new watch is so comfortable, it feels like I am not even wearing a watch. It is just a part of me now.

Jord say that your watch should tell more than time and I believe that my new Dover Series watch definitely does that. I’d like to think it says that I love nature, appreciate excellent craftsmanship and quality and that I have a unique style and taste.


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