INFOGRAPHIC: What Big Questions are on Your Child’s Mind?

One day I really should take note of just how many questions Littlelish asks me a day! It is literally a constant stream from the minute she wakes up, one after the other after the other! She really is the Queen of questions. So far this week I’ve had – Do dogs get splinters? Why do cars have ears? How do flowers get their colours? What would happen if you cooked a person? Do jellyfish have eyes? I do my best to answer them patiently but sometimes they are just too bizarre or complicated to explain! My school days feel like quite a long time ago…

So when we got the chance to review the new BIG questions from little people book we jumped at the chance! This is absolutely perfect for Little Miss Curious :)

Complied by Gemma Elwin Harris, the book contains over 100 real questions from children age 5 – 12 and more importantly the answers from some of the most knowledgeable experts in their field like David Attenborough, Richard Dawkins and Noam Chomsky. Conceived to raise money for the NSPCC, over half of the advance and royalties from sales of the book will go directly to the charity – brilliant!

When we first got the book I turned to the list of questions at the beginning to see if any of them particularly captured her interest. Turns out she really wanted to know “Why we dream?” which I thought was great as I am fascinated with dreaming too. She also wanted to know if “bees sting other bees?” which had a really interesting answer, which I did not know! I LOVE the idea for this book, I love it so much I wish I’d have come up with it myself. The book is so well executed with a brilliant variety of questions, ranging from the serious to the very silly! All the questions are answered in an incredibly clear, understandable, appealing way which make it great for kids to understand. Even Littlelish who is only 3 listened closely to the answers. The humourous way in which many of the answers are written definitely helps to keep attention of little ones.

I’d say it’s the perfect gift for inquisitive children of all ages – heck even this big kid here LOVED reading it…. and perfect for mummies and daddies who like me, don’t know the answer to questions like “why does the moon shine?” “why is wee yellow?” and “why do we have music?”

Big Questions by Little People goes on sale on the 4th of October for £12.99 (hardback and ebook)

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