It’s pancake day tomorrow and I know one little girl who is very happy about that thought, it is basically the only day a year she is allowed a pudding for her dinner!

Although a traditional lemon and sugar pancake is divine, over in our house we like to add to the fun by mixing and matching flavour combinations. We stock up on all the basics eggs, flour, milk, lemons and icing sugar but we also fill the counter with other ingredients, cocoa powder, honey, maple syrup, cinnamon, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, a variety of fruit like bananas, mangos, strawberries and blueberries. Then we get our chef hats on and have fun playing around with new creations. It is a chance for Littlelish to be creative and experiment in the kitchen and one thing she loves is flavour combinations (this is the kid who dips cucumber in her orange juice and carrots in her milk, mmmm)!

These are some of our tried and tested, family favourite flavour combinations for pancakes.


Apple, cinnamon and maple syrup

This is a simply heavenly combination. Bake the pancake as normal but add thin slices of apple to the top of your pancake while in the pan and sprinkle with cinnamon. Flip over using the spatula and brown the apple side too and then pop on a plate and cover in maple syrup.


Chocolate and banana

This is taking your standard chocolate and banana pancake to a new level! Take some of your pancake mixture aside (enough for one small pancake) and add a teaspoon or two of cocoa powder to the mix. Your kids will love the idea of a chocolate pancake. We serve ours with chocolate sauce and slices of banana. Yum!


Pink cherries

One for the little girls in your life, the pink sprinkle and cherry pancake! Simply a normal pancake with cherries, pink sugar sprinkles and icing sugar. Pretty as a picture.


Banana, blueberry and honey

This is a lovely flavour combination and one I eat most mornings with my paleo pancakes. Cook a handful of blueberries with your pancake and serve with sliced bananas and some yummy organic honey.

I’m sure we will be creating some new, exciting flavour combinations tomorrow if Littlelish has anything to do with it! What are your favourite family flavour combinations? I’d love you to inspire us!

A big thank you to Dunelm who sent us the perfect set of equipment for pancake making and will ensure we have a successful pancake day tomorrow with no lumpy pancakes sticking to the bottom of the pan!

  • A Mason and Cash mixing bowl – the only mixing bowl as far as we are concerned! Ours always comes out of the cupboard when we are baking, we love it.
  • A Spectrum collection whisk – large and sturdy.
  • A spatula – definitely needed for flipping.
  • A beautiful beechwood lemon juicer – a great sized, hand juicer which I know will come in very, very handy.
  • A copper bottomed Infinity frying pan – did a great job of ensuring our pancakes did not stick.