style blue narrowerlampLighting is in in a big way! It’ll only take a quick browse at interiors on Pinterest to see  that a well positioned statement lamp or beautifully soft ceiling lamp can make all the difference to the look and feel of a room. But take a closer look at the pricetag and often you’ll be shocked at just how much it would cost you to own one of these designer lights.

As a newly appointed ambassador for online lighting boutique Iconic Lights, I’m here to share with you a little secret – you can have stylish iconic design lighting at an extremely reasonable price.

Iconic lights appeal to my designer side, with a product range of beautiful statement designs, featuring key looks and nods to current trends. And yet they also appeal very much to my practical mum side, after all I cannot afford to spend  hundreds on a light these days (no matter how much I might want to). I need something well made that will add a touch of design to my interior without breaking the bank.

iconic desk lamp

This month we’ve been sent an Industrial Jean-Louis Domecq ‘Jieldé’ Style Task Lamp in white. If you are into design at all you will know Industrial design is and has been in fashion for a while. Solid, sturdy, functional and stylish it’s definitely a trend that appeals to me.

Jean-Louis Domecq’s famous Jieldé lamp is reminiscent of the task lamps used during the industrial revolution. In the late 1940s, tired of not finding a light which would adapt to his general mechanics activity, Jean-Louis Domecq began to draw his own. Domecq was looking to create a lamp which would combine practical and reliable qualities in order for his machines to be fully equipped within the workshop, designing and constructing his own lamp. The design needed to perform well under tough circumstances. Domecq began to create a single swing arm lamp, robust and free of wire in the joints. It was after many design trials that the final drawing was completed in 1950 – a simple design tailored specifically to adapt to all workstations. Between 1951 and 1952 Domecq began to industrialize the production of the lamp, and in 1953 set up a company dedicated to the marketing of his lamp, named after his initials: Ji eL Dé.


The industrial style task lamp can be adjusted to various angles and heights, using the 2 pivot joints, making it extremely versatile. It is extremely well made, sturdy and solid and for £20 you literally cannot go wrong. It makes a great light for working, crafting or indeed painting late a night which we have found useful! But even if you didn’t want to use it as a task lamp it makes a stylish and timeless addition to any room and for multiple purposes.

I’ve displayed mine on the shelf in our lounge where it is easily accesible at night time for reading or adding some light into an otherwise dark corner. But this is probably not its forever home, I might buy a second one and use them as quirky bedside lamps or move it to my office for late night writing / crafting sessions, once I have my home office set up, it’s currently being used as a storage room, oops!

For more inspiration on how to style an Industrial lamp check out the Iconic Lights pinterest page.