anna hen

I love summer time because for me summer always means weddings and you can’t beat a good wedding! This year we have 3 weddings to attend, one of which is extra special to me as it is the wedding of one of my dearest friends. Littlelish and I have been asked to be bridesmaids which meant I was given the task of organising the Hen Do. I have to admit I was kind of filled with dread, while I love organising a good party I felt under pressure that this rather momentous occasion would be my responsibility!

When I asked what kind of Hen Do the Bride to be wanted she explained that she wanted a fun night out. My friend is a classy type of girl so I wanted to choose a theme that was big on fun (because you have to have a theme right?) but which wasn’t too all out there ‘hen’. We decided a summer / club tropicana theme could be a giggle, thinking bright colours, flamingos, watermelons, pineapples and palm trees etc.

Because the theme is quite on trend at the moment we were able to find some really fun props to add an extra tropical feel so I thought I’d share my finds and some cute ideas on how to throw a tropical theme hen do. Perhaps you are looking for inspiration for a hen do too or would just like to throw a fun tropical party? Whichever the case read on for some fun summer party tips…

Where – Well that depends on what you have planned for the event but the theme works equally well for a party at home as a night out. We opted for pre drinks, dinner at a fun restaurant with a holiday vibe followed by cocktails and dancing. But I can imagine a warm summers evening, a bbq and a hot tub (or paddling pool!) and garden games would be alot of fun too.

tropical party


Transport – In true Miami style we went for the pink limo, tacky but fun!

Dress code – Tropical obviously! The options for the hens was quite wide as any bright colours, tropical, fruity or floral prints worked well. I wore a lovely jumpsuit from Wallis but there are lots of fun tropical themed dresses out there at the moment which means all out fancy dress is not required (handy if you actually want to look a bit nice on a night out!) We did of course have plenty of accessories from flamingo glasses to flowers in our hair and hawaiian leis. Prezzybox also have some amazing pool floats if you fancy giving your Bride to Be a silly prop, we went for an inflatable banana (as you do!).

anna hen 2

flamingo skirt


Drinks – It has to be cocktails. We headed to Turtle Bay in Nottingham where they serve some wonderful cocktails (Jumbled Julep was particularly scrummy) but if you are staying at home have a go at making your own. You could make up pitchers for guests or just lay a table out and get them to mix their own (can get messy – I’m talking from experience!) We drank our cocktails out of some super fun pineapple cups and had a flamingo ice bucket to hold our drinks in the limo because you know we are cool like that.

pineapple cup

flamingo ice bucket

Food – We ate out in a restaurant chosen for it’s holiday vibe, you could go carribean, thai, even mexican! If you are at home think fruity buffet style food!

tropical icecream


Entertainment – We played some typical hen games like Mr & Mrs on the way in the limo and had some fun selfie props to amuse ourselves with while out on the town. If you are staying at home for the party you could plan even more tropical themed games like limbo, a hula dance off or pineapple bowling!

pineapple bowling


For loads more ideas, recipes and decor tips check out my tropical party board over on pinterest!

A big thanks to Prezzybox for supplying some of the fab props for our night out!