style blue narrower35811421_014_bI’ve always had an obsession with travel and far off places, which goes hand in hand with a love of all things exotic and usual. Extending to my interior design taste, the things I like to collect for my home are often beautiful, handmade items from around the globe. I find something wonderfully intriguing about objects with a history or a story…


Sadly it isn’t always easy to bring things home from abroad with measly luggage allowance and strict weight restrictions, but there are a few brands here in the UK which share my love of the unusual, exotic, handmade pieces.

Anthropologie is a brand I’ve long followed, I love their ethos and their home decor range, infused with a kaleidoscope of diverse patterns, exotic prints and vibrant colours which always seems to capture my imagination. I can just imagine their buyers heading off the beaten track to scour far-flung markets around the world, uncovering pieces imprinted with history and tradition, what a wonderful job, hey?


A Global Tapestry is a recent campaign from Anthropologie, celebrating the culture and history behind different global patterns and prints. On the image below they have shared some facts on the rich tapestries of our world, from the classic Scottish tartan to the intricate swirls of Indian paisley. You can even go on your own adventure and create your own unique global tapestry, here is mine! Happy exploring…

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