Last week I posted a great round up of ideas for grown up pumpkin decoration. This weekend I had a go at a few of my own decorated pumpkins. Firstly I attempted to make something similar to the lace patterned pumpkins I loved (above)! So much intricate carving requires a great deal of patience which believe it or not I do have, however finding the time to create this tiny pattern on a weekend with a little 3 year old wanting to play all the time is not as easy. Hence only the top section being complete. I still think it looks fab like this, the light shines out of every tiny hole and looks gorgeous. I created this look by hunting through my drawers for any type of tool that I thought could perforate the pumpkin skin and create a different shape. I had kebab skewers, lino cutters and my trusty stanley knife. I hollowed the pumpkin out from the bottom and put a candle inside so the pumpkin looked like it remained intact.

I then went on to play with glitter! This was great as I could set Littlelish playing with the glitter too and all mums know glitter keep kids amused for.ever. It was messy but only took a minute to clean up as this clever mummy did it all on a black bin liner. I drew around a candle on the top of the first pumpkin and hollowed out the circle shape (keeping just a fraction smaller than the actual candle so it fits snug) inserting the candle in from above. I then covered in modpodge with a brush and sprinkled liberally with glitter. Ta da! Super quick and very, very pretty don’t you think? I love this one.

I then hollowed out another space for the candle (as above) in a slightly bigger pumpkin and used a paint brush to draw modpodge lines in the natural creases of the pumpkin and then cover with glitter, blowing/wiping off the excess when dry. I just love the look of these together… they create a lovely, warm, sparkly feature.


Still rolling with the modpodge and glitter I decided to have a go at writing with the brush and glue. The ‘trick’ is to not use too much glue or it will start to drip. Once again sprinkle with glitter and allow to dry, finally shaking off all the excess glitter when done.

So what do you think of my own take on grown up, glittery pumpkin decorations? Super easy, super quick, perhaps an hours worth of work for all 4 pumpkins – not bad going hey?