inspirationpinkSAM_6077I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween especially where little children are concerned. But with school age children there is no avoiding it! When it comes to Halloween at home, we embrace the fun dressing up and creative pumpkin carving but rather than all the sinister, gruesome spookiness, I try to focus on the magical, enchanting and fairytale! Last year we decided to make a Disney inspired ‘Tangled’ pumpkin after one of Littlelish’s favourite movies. She knew exactly the scene she wanted to recreate, the lantern scene, but could I manage to transfer it onto a pumpkin with a 5 year old little helper? Errrrrm….

I’m not the world’s best pumpkin carver but I can draw and paint pretty well so I decided that was probably the easiest route to go down! Taking the lead from images of the lantern scene I found on the web I sketched out the scene as best as I could leaving the detail pretty simplistic so it was easy for Littlelish to paint. At this point I also carved out simple rectangles where the light would shine through from the candle as the lanterns.


I mixed up the right colours using acrylic paint and my assistant got to work painting the main blocks of colour on her own, I thought it looked pretty good as an ombre style effect and this was easy for her to create. The paint dried very quickly on the skin of the pumpkin so there was no smudging. Mummy stepped in when it was time to add the detail to the castle and the boat and then our pumpkin was finished! Super simple but really effective!! Of course more so in the daytime and early evening before it gets really dark and you can only see the light from the rectangles! I’d love to see someone actually carve this scene into a pumpkin, that was a bit beyond my skill set!


I’m not sure what enchanted pumpkin we will be creating this year come Halloween time, I’ve found some cool inspiration for fairytale pumpkins – I love the cinderella carriage!