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Image source: Grey likes baby

Well the Lish household renovations are well under way and finally after completing a lot of work we don’t actually get to see, like rewiring and rendering the outside of our house, we can actually check one room from our very long to do list! The road was long… the room needed replastering, the floorboards sanding and everything needed a fresh coat of paint… but finally we have a nursery!

We decided that Babylish would have the privilege of having the first finished room in the house as a kind of welcome to the family present. Although infact she currently sleeps in our room, we loved making a little sanctuary for her and all her things for when she eventually transitions to her own room. Now as the only completed room in the house it is quite often my little sanctuary and I go in there just to breathe and remind myself how beautiful the house will be when it is finally finished.

Creating a babies nursery is a wonderful project as you can explore many different directions, themes adding loads of fun, sweet elements. Childrens rooms along with playrooms are perhaps some of my favourite rooms to decorate because you can let your imagination run wild and yeah yeah, I’m just a big kid!

After scouring Pinterest for inspiration I decided I wanted to create a serene nursery for our new arrival. There are so many fun, colourful ideas out there but we are lucky enough to have a playroom downstairs in our house for colour explosions and I wanted her to have a calm, peaceful place to sleep and relax in because we all love babies who sleep well at night don’t we?

Before starting an interiors project I always create a brief for myself. So to start out creating a moodboard I take 5 key words for the look and feel of the room and choose 5 images to portray them. My words for Babylish’s room were serene, light, soft, magical and dreamy and here is my final moodboard for inspiration…


I love the soft greys and pinks and the element of magical woodland that crept in there… and then it was time for the hard graft! We (and by we, I mean he!) sanded and waxed the floors so they have a kind of stripped back old pine effect and settled upon Cornforth white by Farrow and Ball for the walls. This is an extremely popular grey by F&B as it gives a lovely warm, dusky feel to the grey, like you are being hugged by a lovely soft cloud (albeit a slightly rainy one). With the backdrop finalised we added our nursery furniture which was a hand me down from Littlelish and has a lovely antique feel to it. It was then time to start accessorising and adding the cute finishing touches to bring the room together. Keep reading this week for the final reveal!