autumn air

Oh my, it’s September already! Autumn is fast approaching which means we have the task of finding Littlelish a new coat (her one from last year looks so teeny tiny now). Our requirements are rather simple, warm and practical ie. with hood and pockets (Littlelish looooves pockets) and perhaps no pink (that’s perhaps me talking).

I spent a while perusing all the main high street stores I could think of and compiled this moodboard of my favourite coats. I think I am leaning towards the M&S checked coat just for the lovely colours although I’m not sure how warm and waterproof it will be. As Littlelish is quite sensitive to the cold maybe we are better off going for a padded coat? I wonder if the Zara coat at £19.99 will match up to the quality of the Lands’ End coat at £70.00 (despite the fact that Polyvore says it is £22)? Internet shopping is great but for practical matters such as this I’m afraid a comparison is necessary which means an actual trip to the shop is on the cards.

Let you know which coat wins the shopping test…