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Jen over at Love Chic Living came up with the theme Autumn Trends and this weekend I noticed the first red trees and fallen leaves so I’d say it’s definitely here :) and I am loving the crisp sunshine! But Autumn trends – where to begin? There are so many fab fashion trends around this season – military, gothic, baroque, heritage, velvet, leather, optical prints, what to choose? In the end I went for…

A taste of the orient…


Taste of the Orient

Taste of the Orient by lishconcepts featuring zara pants

 Opulent   Bold   Luxurious   Exotic   Mysterious


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Looking for the perfect rug to finish off your room? Want to know what colours are in for 2012? Polly Vaughan writes about the latest trends in the world of rugs.

So we ripped up the vile carpets, sanded down and varnished the floorboards, and the floors throughout our house looked great. Anything other than the filthy brown swirls of shagpile left behind by the previous owners would have been an improvement, of course, but finally we had the home we had dreamed of.

One problem: we hadn’t bargained for the noise of bare boards. One of us clomping around early in the morning (or coming in later at night) could now wake the other –or even the neighbours. A whole layer of sound insulation between floors had been lost, so the guitar player in the living room disturbed the reader upstairs and so on. Enforcing a no-shoes policy in the house has been tedious, and only adds to the problem of cold feet – because wooden floors are draughty, too.

We’ve thus come to a compromise solution and decided to invest in some rugs: runners in the hallway and up the stairs, and large, soft squares of textured textile for the living room and bedrooms. We’ve discovered that rugs can be a great way to add a splash of colour, too – a near effortless way to update our décor without extensive expenditure. So if you too are in the market for a new rug for your home, take a look at the options.

Trends for 2012
We’ve decided to be bold, and banish the beige. But what colours should we go for to be bang on trend? The rug and carpet industry is as subject to the whims of fashion as any other, and is extremely colour-conscious; shades for 2012 are said to include plum, charcoal, teal and even navy blue and gold, as well as bronzes, deep tan-browns and earthy ochres. Organic plant-derived fibres such as hemp and sisal continue to be in demand, as well as wool in tweedy, thick-yarned weaves.

Bright block colours have been a strong theme at recent trade shows, too – pink, mustard yellow, tangerine orange, leaf green and turquoise have all featured, in eye-catching geometric patterns, stripes, patchwork effects or on their own. Checks, floral motifs and other popular patterns have also been reworked and updated in the latest hot hues to give a modern twist.  Sheepskins are ever-popular – perhaps try one dyed in a daring colour instead of the usual natural finish.

Traditional textiles
Classics such as Persian carpets are timeless and would look fantastic on our bare boards. Though hand-made Middle Eastern and Oriental rugs can be expensive, good-quality examples finished to a decent standard are increasingly affordable from mainstream high street retailers as well as specialist importers. Take a good look and feel the rugs on offer at different outlets to learn the differences between an authentic hand-knotted silk or wool rug, and a cheap factory-made, mass-produced imitation. Research the designs typical to certain regions or tribes, make sure you know what you’re getting before you commit to spending any large sums, and ensure that any expensive investment will be protected by your home insurance.

Get crafty
Homespun handicrafts and vintage-inspired designs are perennial trends, and cottage-style or shabby-chic interiors need old-fashioned soft furnishings such as folksy rag rugs. We’ve even thought about learning how to make our own: classes are held all over the country, and there are many how-to books available and tutorials online. ‘Upcycling’ old clothes and miscellaneous bits of material into a rug is cheap,  eco-friendly and immensely satisfying.

There are many solutions for slipping your feet onto something soft – so roll out the rugs.

Note: This is a post for Sainsbury’s bank.

Earlier this evening I stumbled across a competition to WIN £500 to spend in Next hosted by http://www.allbabyadvice-blog.com. All you had to do to enter was style your own childrenswear or maternity outfit. Those of you who know me a little will know that I let out a little yelp of joy on reading this…. and those who know me extremely well will not be surprised to know I dived straight in and am now up at 2:26am sharing the results of my findings with you. It was not very difficult to choose an outfit because I absolutely adore the clothes from Next for children. I love the quality, the fact that they are always bang on trend but also that they are made with children in mind, they are comfy and durable. So I set to work scouring the website.

I chose to focus the mood of my outfit around a recent instagram I took of Littlelish. You can often find us outside whether in the woods or at the park. This particular day the sun had made an appearance and we went to the park. Littlelish had a lot of fun scooting around the empty swimming pool on her new scooter and I snapped this shot. I love the unusual mix of clashing colours and the tire tracks that you can see on the floor. With this as a starting point I could recreate an awesome outfit inspired by the colour clashes that are a current trend. The mood is fun, playful and vibrant.

I chose clothes that I would genuinely buy for Littlelish for every day wear. We like clothes that she can run about in as we get up to all kinds of fun and mischief.

Vest top £6 – I love the clashing colour stripes of pink and purple two of Littlelish’s favourite colours. The cute yellow trim just finishes it off. This is the kind of vest that would get worn with everything!

Tshirt  £6.50 – Littlelish is a huge animal lover so anything with a little creature on is a big hit in our house. I adore the coral colour of this tshirt and the quirky westies add a humourous touch which I like, especially with the addition of the blue bow.

Skinny jeans  £9 – The pop of these blue skinny jeans makes the whole outfit as far as I’m concerned. They are fantastic. These come in several different colours and I want them all (in my size too!)

Hoodie £6 – I added a hoodie because well we all know what this summer has been like brrrr…. This hoody looks like the perfect snuggly sweatshirt to keep warm in and it is pink! What more could you ask for?

Trainers  £12 – Littlelish lives in her trainers but mummy is rather fussy about which ones she likes ;) Luckily I found this great pair which we will be purchasing! Once again the unusual colour combination does it for me. I love the fact that the straps have 2 different colours and the variety of colours in the flowers means they go with lots of things which is always good.

Bag £5.50 – This was another little quirky addition that made me smile. I love silly monsters and this one doesn’t disappoint. It is a perfect bag for swimming or carrying around that extra hoodie when the sun is shining.

So there you have it my entry to the competition. A very cool, fun, wearable take on colour clashing. What is great is that all these pieces can also be easily combined with more basic items to add a touch of colour to an outfit and brighten up your day. If you like what I have created please show me some love (and let me know that staying up until 2am was worth it! ooops – night!)

Lish xxx

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