When it comes to window dressing, roller blinds are practical and functional. We’ve two black out roller blinds in our children’s bedrooms which work really well to make their rooms dark. We all know a dark room equals a good nights sleep and the possibility of mummy getting a teeny lie in (who am I kidding).

Our blinds come from Order Blinds because let’s face it, what with renovating the entire house, we have enough DIY to do. Ordering them ready made means it saves us the trouble of cutting the blind to size. Installation is a breeze, as the blind arrives the correct size and all we need to do is attach it.

So you’ve attached your blind in no time, it’s functional, no fuss but how about adding a touch of personality to your roller blind? I always like to add little unique touch in my house so I’ve thought up 5 fun ways to customise a plain blind including the two we’ve used in my girls rooms. We went for Pom Poms in the baby room and some cool decals in my eldest girls room, I think they just add a bit of extra fun and attention to detail which is what I’m all about!

5 fun ways to customise a plain blind

Add Pom poms

I mean who doesn’t love pom poms right? Cute little balls of fluffy fun. All you need to do is buy a pom pom trim, cut to size and attach to the bottom edge of the blind with a hot glue gun. Et voila! Your blind is no longer boring but cute and fun!

Image: VT Wonen


The humble Sharpie has been known to decorate many a plain old thing. We’ve had sharpie mugs and trainers but what about adding some illustration, geometric shapes or even words to your blind. The possibilities are endless!

Lino print

Not sure about drawing freehand on to your blind? No worries. Create a stamp out of Lino (which can be purchased from your local art store) draw on your design, remembering to keep the part you want to print on raised when you cut away the Lino. I’m thinking some cute Lino cut stars would work great and not be too difficult.

Alternatively if you aren’t feeling that creative but still want a unique blind you could think about ordering a Lino cut like this one from Etsy. Just make sure you use fabric paint so it sticks to the vinyl fabric.

Image: Lynnwood Interiors

Add a beaded edge

Using a similar idea to the pom pom trim you can use a beaded trim to create a very different look. You could add a touch of glamour with sparkle or a boho twist with crystals.

Image: Brave new home

Use decals

We all know wall decals can jazz up a plain wall but how about experimenting with decals on your roller blind? Our blinds are a sort of stiff coated vinyl type fabric to which a decal adheres very well. There are so many amazing designs for decals on the market you could have some real fun with this!

So there you have it, 5 really simple ways to cheer up a plain roller blind. In truth there are probably many more than 5 ways so get creative. Just remember whatever you add to the blind, you’ve still got to be able to roll it up!!

A big thank you to Order Blinds for supplying us with our blind. It’s lovely quality, arrived quickly and we are very happy with it!

Collaborative post disclaimer: We collaborated with Order Blinds and received a blind, free of charge so we could test the service and product.


We’ve so much work going on in our house that I’m starting to go a little stir crazy. Yep, having no bathroom or flushing toilet isn’t really much fun. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel seems really, really long long right now and I’m joining the kids in the chorus of “Are we nearly there yet?”

The truth is with work going on in every corner of the house, we really are getting there in terms of the renovation project. One project we are yet to start on however is the kitchen but oh my, do I love fantasising about my dream kitchen. 

Today’s guest post includes 5 tips on planning your dream cooking space. Speaking from experience having no workspace is just horrendous and will be top of our list of ‘things to change’.

Especially if your kitchen’s the hub of your home, you’ll want to get the design of this room spot on. Luckily, by following some simple tips, you can achieve truly stunning results in this part of your property. For some interior design inspiration, take a look at the following five suggestions.

  1. Include a variety of storage solutions

A lack of storage space is a recipe for disaster in any kitchen. To ensure you have plenty of room for all your cooking essentials, from food items to your favourite gadgets, it’s essential that you have plenty of units. Don’t be afraid to mix up your storage solutions too. For example, as well as floor and wall cabinets, why not include some attractive floating shelves? Available in a variety of styles, from rustic oak, walnut and beech to contemporary black or white, these shelves can give your cooking area a homely, authentic look and feel. You could also fit hooks and rods on your walls to hang anything with handles, including mugs, utensils and pans.

  1. Get the best appliances within your budget

Cooking should be a breeze in your dream kitchen, so it pays to go for the best appliances you can within your budget. For example, if you’ve got the space, perhaps a luxurious double oven would make a great addition to this part of your home. A responsive hob is also a good investment. Gas is often the preferred choice of keen cooks, but if you can’t have a gas hob or you’d prefer not to, consider an induction model rather than a traditional electric design. These appliances are highly responsive and, as an added bonus, they have a range of safety features. As a general rule, when you’re choosing anything from your dishwasher to your fridge, make sure you scour the market to find the best versions within your spending limit, and read plenty of user reviews before you make a purchase.

Image: Lazenby

  1. Give yourself plenty of workspace

It’s difficult to cook up a storm if you’re lacking in surface space, so make sure you have enough worktops in your kitchen. If your cooking area is large enough, you might want to add an island unit. These features offer a simple way to increase your worktop space and they can make an attractive focal point. Alternatively, if you’re short of square footage, a space-saving alternative is to add a fold-down section to your worktops that tucks neatly out of the way when it’s not being used.


  1. Ensure your lighting’s spot on

Effective task lighting is a must in any cooking area. For example, to ensure you can see what you’re doing when you’re preparing meals, it’s important to have under-cabinet lights in place to illuminate your countertops. You might also want to consider fitting low-hanging pendant lights above an island unit if you have one. Aside from practical solutions like these, it’s a good idea to have some attractive ambient lighting in place. You could fit dimmer switches on your main ceiling lights to give you more control over brightness levels, and for some added theatre, why not fit spot lights at the base of your floor units? This creates pools of light on your flooring and gives your kitchen a stylish, contemporary look.

Image: Amber interiors

  1. Perfect your décor

No cooking area is complete without the perfect décor. If you have a bijou kitchen, it’s generally best to stick to fairly light, neutral colours for your walls to give the area a more open, spacious feel. However, you can liven up your design scheme by including some vibrant wall art, window dressings and cushions, and even bold and bright appliances such your kettle and toaster. In a larger kitchen, you can afford to be more adventurous in your choice of wall colour. Whatever sort of décor you go for, make sure you carry the theme through to every last detail. This will give the room a chic, polished finish.

For more design inspiration, it’s worth browsing interior design websites, and you can also get some great ideas on Pinterest.


Image: Cast Iron Bath Co

This week the bathroom renovations have begun. We’ve currently an empty plastered shell waiting for floor tiles, panelling and the bathroom suite to be fitted. The rolltop bath still hasn’t arrived as we are having a few issues with the supplier, which will hopefully be sorted soon!

It seems very appropriate that today’s guest post is actually all about what to consider when choosing your new bathtub when it’s been the source of rather a lot of stress for us the past three weeks. Let’s hope we’ve made the right choice when it finally arrives.

Considering the extensive selection of bathtubs on the market today, it may seem a simple task identifying one that is perfect for your bathroom space. But the worst mistake you could make is to rush into the purchase of your new tub, as buying and installing the wrong bath can have a hugely negative effect on your bathroom remodel. There are many crucial factors to consider before choosing your new bathtub, and by putting in the effort to research ahead of buying, you can ensure that your bathroom renovation is super instead of stupid.

Image: Home deco

How to select the right Bathtub

Initially, the first thing you need to think about is functionality. Consider exactly what the tub will be used for – an area in which to relax and ease the aches, pains and stresses away, or a mere collecting bin for excess shower water? If the former option best describes your overall usage, perhaps a whirlpool tub is an appropriate choice. Featuring soothing massage jets and in-built steps and seats, they can transform a regular bath into a luxurious spa environment.

Secondly, the size of your bathroom has to be taken account of. It is likely that your bathtub will take up the biggest amount of space in the entire room, so it is imperative that you select a tub that fits the space well, and maximizes the potential of what you have to play with. This is especially vital where compact bathrooms are concerned, but is also an important aspect of a large bathroom update too. Looked at from the perspective of an interior designer, positioning a small bathtub in a large bathroom can compromise the flow of space, so it is absolutely essential to choose a tub that matches the scale of its surroundings.

And the next element to consider is the design and color of the bathtub. Of course, before making your choice, you’ll need to know what color the bathroom walls will be, and be aware of the kind of geometric layout the room will have. There are so many different shaped bathtubs on the market, from rectangular to oval, cornered and plenty of other styles, you should search far and wide before settling on a decision. You might even come to the conclusion that a weird and wonderful bathtub shape is preferable; love hearts and shoe shapes are particularly popular.

Image: Coco Kelley

You also need to think about which type of material you prefer for your bathtub, with many modern designs constructed out of the likes of marble, acrylic, cast iron and even wood. Given that they are subjected to water exposure, as well as mildews, soaps and harsh chemicals on a daily basis, you should choose your materials based on their practicality and ability to withstand such use. If, for instance, your bathtub will be used regularly by a full household, it may be a good idea to opt for acrylic or cast iron to make the most of their strong, durable properties.

Finally, whilst a standard bathtub is ideal for regular bathing, there are plenty of people who enjoy nothing more than a good long soak in the tub. For such consumers, a soaking bathtub is a perfect choice, with these types designed to allow for full body submersion, and to cradle the body far better than an ordinary bathtub could.

Choose a Bathtub to suit you

Ultimately, choose a bathtub to suit you and your specific needs. Practicality, looks and cost are the three main elements you must consider – be sure to browse a wide selection of modern bathtubs before settling on your final decision.

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