Mini style

I just love these shoes by Tip Toey Joey. They look effortlessly cool and I can just imagine Littlelish rocking them with her skinny jeans on her Tomboy days.  They remind me of a little girl that we sometimes see in the local park who has this ultra cool vibe going on (at the grand old age of 4). Last time we saw her she had a quirky old school velvet party dress complete with red trainers and red hoody. I’m pretty sure she dressed herself but she definitely had the ‘oh this old thing? I just threw this boho/couldn’t care less/i’m so cool look together’ :)

The Tip Toey Joey collection has been thoughtfully designed for toddlers, where the foot is still growing and the bones are not yet linked together. They come with some fabulous features including a stretchy heal making them easy to get on, but also keep on. The leather pull on heel tag also helps with this. They’re lined with 100% genuine leather, and also have a 100% soft leather upper and a padded leather insole and ankle rim / cuff.

These ‘Hunch’ trainers can be purchased at Little Stomper a fantastic online shoe shop stocking the coolest shoes for little feet.

Littlelish was born in Holland, a seriously cool country with no shortage of seriously cool baby shops. Within the first year she had built up a seriously cool wardrobe.

Since moving home to my beautiful England, the choice of shops has gone rather downhill. Where we live (rural East midlands) there are hardly any kiddy shops let alone hip, affordable ones.

Online shopping is the savior of any countryside mummy and perhaps mummies all over the country (I know shopping with my little one is something I try to avoid).

So I thought I’d introduce you to this little gem of a shop burp! boutique with some seriously cool clothes for children (independent designers such as Boys&Girls®, Tootsa MacGinty, Nippaz with Attitude and Flamingos & Dominoes) and a refreshing philosophy on dressing your little ones.

We love quirky, fun, bright things that will bring a dash of sunshine into yours and your child’s lives. We hand pick all the best bits from independent designers to put together our strong collection. We’re not into the pinkification that the world is following, we’re not sheep. We come from the 70’s where dressing androgynously and in lots of different colours was the norm. We want to bring highly creative, fun alternatives to the mass produced high street fashion. Our ethos is to support up and coming artists and designers and shout about gorgeous, fun stuff.

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