Moving into a house that needs a full renovation requires a whole lot of patience let me tell you. It feels like all we’ve been doing for the last year is either decorating, thinking of decorating, researching the decor or buying things to decorate with. That’s a whole lot of decorating and we still aren’t done.

The good thing about doing lots of DIY is that I now know a thing or two about it. Actually doing up my dream house in real life means I can write about my interior inspiration first hand. Hopefully some days you’ll discover an interesting tip or a new shop that you didn’t know existed and I’m happy to have been of service. Because one thing I have always loved to do is share beautiful, interesting, cool finds with my friends…. and it’s actually the reason I set up this blog in the first place. Back in the day, before blogging was a thing, I used to just love sharing gorgeous finds with my audience, just like I do with my friends.

In the spirit of getting back to me and the return of my blogging mojo I thought I’d let you into a little secret. We’ve tried a new paint brand called Hemsley and it’s lush.

Timeless yet super fresh

Hemsley paint is a Homebase original, designed as a premium luxury paint which dries with an ultra matt finish. The colour range is made up of 56 muted shades and each colour collection is made up of four coordinating tones designed to help you mix and match with ease.

After several days of deliberation we chose to paint my office in Montacute Sage. I knew I wanted a green colour but I could not decide what shade. Loving the darker shades of Pitcombe Pea and Garden, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be overwhelmed with too much green green. It was more the soothing embrace of an airy, pale green I was imagining.

A sanctuary of calm

Well the good news is I am delighted with the colour choice. We’ve been sleeping in this room while we decorate our actual bedroom so I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the walls and I absolutely LOVE it. Bad news is, I love it so much that I’m a little worried I won’t love my actual bedroom colour as much. This room is soft, fresh, bright and soothing. It’s as near to perfect a colour to soothe my soul as I could get. I find the room incredibly relaxing, which also seems to work for me on a work level too. The room isn’t laid out as my office yet as we are still in transition but I am very excited to start working and crafting in here. Visions of my own sanctuary are calling me!

The Hemsley paint has dried with the ultra matt finish it promised and it’s gorgeous. Interestingly the walls feel quite rough, I think it’s just the texture of the paint but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. You can’t see it and I don’t often stroke my walls, no matter how much I love the colour!

It’s not been painted for all that long, a few months perhaps so I can’t say much about the durability but it’s looking good so far. We have no nicks or scuffs. Painting with it was fine and I seem to remember it went quite far, according to the tin it will do 20m2. At £19.99 for a 2.5 litre tin it’s definitely a paint we would invest in again.

We’ve mostly used Farrow & Ball paint in the rest of our house but I’d say we were equally as happy with the Hemsley paint. For me particularly the gorgeous shade of my office makes me want to investigate the colour chart further. Hopefully I’ll find another gem like this one.






Image: Cox & Cox

I’m currently obsessed by all things bathroom. It’s finally time for us to say bye bye to the carpeted bath (yes you read that right) and hello shiny new sink and dreamy freestanding bath. I’ve almost gone blind from hours spent on Pinterest researching the perfect fixtures and fitting, tiles and towels.

I’m currently searching for the right mirror so todays guest post from Pebble Grey Bathroom Mirrors couldn’t have come at a better time. Read on to find out about different mirrors and the effects they can create to help you get the most out of your bathroom.

Mirrors can often be overlooked when it comes to styling your bathroom. Instead, they are just used to serve the purpose of helping us each day apply makeup, comb our hair, or brush our teeth. However, different mirrors can be used to create different effects, from accentuating room size and space to emphasising features to acting as set pieces to bring a bathroom to life.


Long and rectangular, oval and arched

Different mirrors shapes can create different effects in your bathroom and add to the overall feel of the space. A long, rectangular mirror can create the illusion of height and add size to the room. For instance, it could emphasise the length of a striking shower curtain, a frosted-glass shower cubicle, or a colourful abstract painting.

Without the sharp corners of a rectangular design, an oval shape can soften the edges of a mirror. They don’t tend to take up too much room, so can work well when your wall space is limited. Oval mirrors also fit well with antique or vintage fittings and furniture when, for instance, paired with a large Victorian frame. Arched designs can create the effects that both oval and rectangular designs bring; softening edges, complementing styles, while accentuating size.


Matching and multi mirrors

If you have the wall space in your bathroom, using more than one mirror can be a good way to add some striking style to the space. One option is to select matching mirrors so that two identical mirrors are placed alongside each other, with some space in between. This can emphasise wall size and draw attention to striking backdrops. It can work well when matching mirrors are positioned above and at either side of a single vanity unit and wash basin, a double sink, or across a feature wall.

Taking the idea of using more than one mirror up a notch, you could consider filling a bathroom wall with multiple mirrors. These could be arranged to create an artistic abstract effect, or they could be placed next to each other to give the impression of a mirrored wall. Using multiple mirrors is also a clever way to create the illusion of space and bring more light and colour into a room, as lighting, fixtures and fittings are all reflected in the glass.


Floating and unframed

If you have the space and you’re feeling daring and ambitious, fitting a floating mirror can provide a stunning set piece for your bathroom. A floating mirror is when the mirror doesn’t hang from a wall, but is instead suspended away from it. For instance, in a bathroom, the mirror could hang from the ceiling above a vanity unit that’s positioned in the centre of the room. This style can open up the space around it and bring a significantly striking stylish approach to a bathroom.

Alternatively, a frameless mirror can create a similar effect. For instance, when fitted slightly away from the wall with ornamental clips, this style can create the impression that the mirror is floating, giving a space impact. Frameless mirrors can bring a small bathroom to life. They can also work well with particular styles, like a rustic effect or an exposed brick wall, effectively drawing attention to such striking backdrops.

I think you’ll agree there is some really helpful advice here. We are going for an oval shaped mirror I think to keep with the 1920’s style of bathroom and house. Do check out what Pebble and Grey have to offer, I love their magnifying mirrors, definitely have one of these on my shopping list!








A tale of 4 bears

Once upon a time there was a family of bears. Like most ordinary bears one of their favourite things to do in the whole wide world was sleep.

Only the littlest bear in the family was different. She didn’t really like to sleep. Instead she preferred to wriggle, play and kiss mummys nose, all night long.

Although this was very cute, it made Mummy and Daddy Bear sad. They loved sleeping so much but they loved their baby bear more. So they tossed and turned all night long, pleading with their little one to go to sleep.

It didn’t work and when they woke in the morning, Daddy was grizzly and Mummy was like a bear with a sore head.

Something needed to change. Mummy decided it was time they got a super king bed and a brand new mattress from Sleepbear.


Just right

Sleepbear made the finest mattresses in all the land. Not too soft, not too hard, in fact they were just right.

Perfect for a family of bears who loved to sleep. Plus there was room in the new bed for Mummy, Daddy, Little Bear AND Baby Bear.


Too soft


Too hardsleepbear-mattress

Just right

The mattress was unlike any they had ever seen before. It’s unique design used 3 special layers including a pure latex top layer, a memory foam middle layer and a dense base layer.

All 3 layers had special powers, the bottom supporting, the middle contouring and the top layer which made the mattress soft and bouncy like a cloud.


Mummy and Daddy Bear loved their new mattress dearly. Sinking into it felt like recieving the biggest of bear hugs, supportive and so so snuggly.

With a 100 days to test their new mattress to see if it was just right for them, they pondered hibernating all winter just to be sure. But it was obvious after just one day that the mattress would be here to stay. And with a 10 year guarantee they knew they would love their mattress for many many years to come.

They were hopeful that by then Baby Bear may just have discovered a love of sleep too, maybe even in her own bed!


Thank you

Thank you to Sleepbear, who asked us to road test their brand new luxury, hypoallergenic mattress. We’ve been sleeping on our new sleepbear mattress for over a month now and absolutely LOVE it. Despite not getting a full nights sleep, the sleep we do get on our mattress is wonderful. Bedtime feels so luxurious now, just like those glorious nights spent sleeping in a hotel but now it’s every night. It’s truly perfect and the best Christmas present two sleep deprived parents could ask for.

Read more about the benefits of a Sleepbear mattress, how the sleepbear mattress is made or the other great reviews from other Sleepbear owners. We also made an unboxing video so you can watch us when we first get our mattress!

The Sleepbear mattress was gifted for review purposes however all thoughts are our own. We couldn’t be happier with our amazing new mattress!

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