I like to buy organic food products wherever possible but I’m also increasingly worried about the effect the chemicals added to our toiletries and cosmetic products have on us. I’ve been a fan of Green People for a while now, since I first discovered them back when Littlelish was a baby. I was very concious about her baby skin and the fact that she was so pure. With such a great range of children’s organic products from toothpaste to shampoo, I loved to try out their new products.

But what about me and my skin? Here I am every day using toiletries and cosmetics with goodness knows what chemicals in it. It’s a scary thought. I made a switch a little while back to Green People Age Defy moisturiser which I now swear by. It smells beautiful and makes my skin feel refreshed and nourished with fruity goodness.age-defy-dd-cream

So when I heard about their new organic DD cream (also Age Defy – hooray!), launched in January 2015 I was intrigued. What on earth was a DD cream? I’m no stranger to makeup, I’ve heard of a BB cream, but DD sounds like a bra size to me? I most definitely wanted to know what the fuss was about.

The first of its kind in the UK, the NEW Age Defy+ Tinted DD Moisturiser SPF 15 is going down a storm. Available in two blendable tones of light and medium this new product offers sheer coverage and a natural glow to all skin types with no colour matching required. Made with colour correcting natural earth minerals, this lightweight cream reduces redness and balances out sallow complexions to leave a smooth and even skin tone. What’s more it is a nutrient rich and active-packed, organic youth-boosting formula. As a 33 year old, tired mummy, I like the sound of this!

Well I should probably just show you the results, the picture says it all! Both images are without any makeup and retouching so we can really focus on the skin and how it makes it look. Be kind to me because I don’t often wear no makeup really unless I’m suntanned and on the beach or in my pj’s at home!


As you can see my skin before was patchy, a bit blemishy, pale and red. Not hideous but certainly not even or smooth! It was the coverage that really impressed me, it truly does cover blemishes and imperfections like it claims to. But it didn’t go on like a thick cover up, it was sheer and lightweight, easy to apply and blend in and gave a lovely warm, soft glow to my face. I’ve used other tinted moisturiser before but they have left me with more of a shiny face, rather than this natural glow which didn’t really look like you were wearing makeup – just that you have perfect skin!

As with all Green People products, the first thing you notice is the smell. Fruity and good enough to eat, which it actually probably is, but I wouldn’t try it! At £34.95 I think this product is good value for money. I know from experience that their products go along way, so would probably last for ages and for a foundation that you are going to wear every day it is worth it to know you are taking care of your skin and body. Thanks Green People for making me not only look healthier but actually be healthier!

NB: I received the NEW Age Defy+ Tinted DD Moisturiser in Medium for review purposes.

eyebrowsToday’s guestpost is perhaps what every woman wants to know, the secrets to beauty! For me it is definitely about the last 3, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, I see so many beautiful women each and every day. Have the confidence to know that you too are beautiful in your own enitrely unique way and if you need some extra tips on how to look glowing, take note!

There are some women who just seem to have a certain indefinable something. Many famous women have it and in our daily lives we come across it as well; if you see these women’s mothers, they often seem to have it too. While there’s often an element of good genetics involved, there’s also a set of rules or tips that they adhere to which help them obtain that little spark that elevates them to the status of ‘beauty’!

lady-biking-retroThe right lifestyle

Women who seem to be effortlessly beautiful are actually ‘living’ their beauty regime. They don’t follow fad diets, but eat well most of the time, keeping the indulgent foods for a treat at the weekend or for special occasions. In addition to this, they find a way to incorporate exercise into their lives; they may walk when they do a small amount of shopping, for example, rather than taking the car and they are more likely to use the stairs than the lift. An open secret of being beautiful is to get plenty of sleep; there’s a reason why they call it ‘beauty sleep’, so if you want to give yourself an advantage, try to get to bed early. One other aspect of the beautiful woman’s lifestyle is her attitude to personal grooming. She won’t leave her eyebrows unplucked or her legs unshaven and little touches like that make a difference!


The perfect canvas

Being beautiful isn’t about how you apply make-up but how you take care of your skin and there are three beauty tips that will make you glow. First of all, the cleansing routine needs to be stringent; never go to bed without removing every scrap of make-up and use a gentle cleanser twice a day, with a regular exfoliation programme, once or twice a week, to get rid of dead skin. Secondly, apply moisturiser each morning and night and don’t neglect your hands, feet and those areas likely to become rough, such as knees and elbows. Finally, give yourself a boost with a good fake tan, leaving your skin with a sun-kissed radiance without exposing it to the dangers of sun beds or excessive exposure to the sun itself.


A great attitude

The last three beauty secrets are related to how you face the world. Regardless of bone structure, colouring, weight or the arrangement of facial features, there are three things that set a woman apart: taking the time to relax, letting herself have some fun and being confident.

Relaxation will help you to avoid developing a stressed look that hides your beauty; it won’t keep wrinkles at bay forever, but laughter lines are so much more attractive than frown lines. Taking the time to have fun has various benefits, whether it’s because you’re being active and getting some extra exercise, getting a chance to unwind or just enjoying good company.

When you enjoy yourself, your body releases endorphins which are natural painkillers and reduce stress levels, which is better for your general health. The last aspect – confidence – is something that comes when you know you’re living a healthy lifestyle and being good to yourself and others. It’s the essential ingredient that can’t be faked and will make you shine

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but just about everybody agrees that a woman who is happy has an inner glow that makes her look beautiful. So, whatever else you do, just accept yourself and you’ll be one of those women with that certain indefinable something.

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Image source: Jurlique

Today’s guestpost is all about how to take care of our skin now the colder weather is on its way – great tips that I will be following because I hate having chapped lips and windburnt cheeks!

There are a number of wardrobe benefits to the cold weather – tactile knits and thick socks; cute jumpers and skinny jeans; pretty scarves and warm coats; comfortable layers that follow the latest fashions whilst still managing to stave off the chill. Although there is a lot to be said for the wider choices on offer when you don’t have to worry about beating the heat, the cold tends to sink through to the bone and dry out your skin in ways that you simply don’t have to worry about when the weather is mild. So your skincare routine – just like your wardrobe – also needs to change in the winter months.

Before you leave the house

Rosy cheeks look pretty, but the permanent reddening that can be a sign of weather damaged skin best avoided by making sure that any exposed dermis is properly prepared for the cold. For example, the water-based facial moisturiser that works so well in the spring and summer will not provide enough protection against the autumn and winter elements, so find an oil-based version that offers a protective layer on the skin. Colder weather also means that you can use a heavier base as you don’t have to worry about sweating it off but, even if it’s cold out, the sun can still cause damage so look for creams with a good UV protection built-in.

The cold can also cause a tight, tingling feeling as the skin loses moisture which can lead to cracking, flaking and sometimes the more extreme inflammation of eczema. In short, you need to be aware that winter weather can have a painful and dramatic effect as the cold dries out every area that is exposed to the elements, and prepare yourself accordingly.

Whilst you’re out and about

No matter how much care you take there will always be times where you can’t avoid the sting of a strong breeze or the glare of the snow, so wrapping up warm from top to toe is paramount. As the indoor/outdoor routine of your day puts your skincare routine to the test, try to wear breathable fabrics around your face and neck. We’ve all been in the situation where ducking down into a coat collar or wrapping a scarf across the nose and chin is the only way to keep our faces from freezing, but warm breath creates condensation and will chap the lips and cheeks, so make sure that you keep this wet clothing away from your skin.

Although it’s a toss-up which is worse – extreme cold or warm but slightly damp – dry off any moisture created by your breath and make sure that your lips are protected with chapstick (or a good, oil-based lipstick) to prevent splitting. Again, before braving the elements between errands, make sure you are prepared.

When you get home

No matter how much effort you put into your skincare routine and how carefully you pick your outfit, some effects of the chill will be inevitable. Added to that will be the further damage done by a central heating system as, whether you use electricity, oil, gas or wood, it is renowned for drying out the air and, subsequently, the skin. Warming up gradually in a steamy bathroom is a much better way to get toasty and, as part of this warming routine, a self-heating face mask is the perfect way to replenish the moisture in your skin.

As the intense heat of hot water on cold skin can actually lead to a further loss of moisture as the lipid barriers break down, using a mask that gradually increases its temperature as your body regains a comfortable core heat is a much less damaging way to prepare your face for the next day’s adventures.


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