I have an amazing husband. FACT. Loving and kind, he is a devoted dad and a thoroughly modern man about the house. He is our rock. He works so hard every day but still has the energy to play and read with Littlelish, chat with me as well as put a wash on and clean the kitchen to help me out. I always knew he was a godsend but I didn’t realise how much of an angel he was until these past 2 weeks.

Daddy had to go to America and the girls were left home alone.

Only then did I notice just how quickly the washing, the dishes, the rubbish, the mess piles up and up when you are on your own. All of a sudden I saw just how much waste, clothes and stuff we actually had. I couldn’t work it away fast enough with time left over to be mummy and me. I was exhausted. There were no sweet offerings of a lie in for poor tired mummy, no help in the morning when I was staggering around bleary eyed trying to get us washed, dressed and out the house, no help picking up a parcel from the post office, no help picking up some milk on the way home, no-one to clean the vile stench box that is the litter tray, no hero to catch escapee rabbits (well we did find a random workman in the end but that is another story!), no comforting secure embrace, no daily words of encouragement.

I missed you so much and so did your little girl (the look on her face when you returned said it all)

To my husband, thank you for loving me endlessly, tirelessly like you do. You are the foundation of my life, you secure me, enabling me to be the person and mother I want to be and without you I really couldn’t do it.

To all the mothers who do this job on their own I really have the utmost respect for you.