Oooh I’ve just finished making this little devil. Pretty labour intensive but end result is so pretty!! Tutorial coming soon, but for those who don’t fancy going loopy cutting out circles or burning their fingers on a glue gun – they are for sale in my shop for 12.50.

I made my first thing EVER with a sewing machine yesterday. Well I made a stocking a few years ago but that doesn’t really count as you can’t wear it! I was inspired by my sisters new hat/scarf/mitten thing (is there a name for these?) which littlelish thought was amazing. So I pinched one of Daddy’s old grey jumpers and collected some other purple fabric I had and set to work. This is the end result, I think it is pretty cool and so does she :) It took me a few hours to figure it out and get the hang of the sewing machine but in the end it was really quite easy. So I thought I’d make a tutorial for you all, watch this space!

Due to a very blustery storm we’ve been pretty much trapped inside today. Despite this it’s been very enjoyable. We’ve played, we’ve read, we’ve got creative.

For D this involved mostly cutting (which she is really good at despite the fact she is left-handed and has right handed scissors!). Cutting gives her endless pleasure, today she cut string, paper, elastic bands, chalk…you name it! I do have to keep an eye on her as the little monkey will literally cut up anything she can find! She has already given several of her teddies a haircut :/

As for me (among other things) I was inspired by a blog I read called and made D a little play world for her my little (sea?) ponies. Ok, it isn’t really a scratch on the fab seaside scape from I.tree but with an impatient toddler, it had to be quick. I took a large tray which I covered in tinfoil. I scooped up a handful of shells we collected last week at the beach and added them. I made some very speedy seaweed out of pipecleaners and added some blue “waves”. Last but not least I added some rocks, which turned out to be crucial as D spent a lot of her time acting out a game of hide and seek involving said rocks. She spent at least an hour or two today playing with this “small world” creation and chose to add water and a boat to enhance her game.

And if that wasn’t enough fun for one day. D decided she wanted her face painted as a ladybird (which she of course very quickly smudged hence no picture!). I discovered something though, having your face painted by mummy is fun BUT painting your mummy’s face is SO much more fun! She spent ages painting my face and laughing as she did it.  I did have to swallow the urge to say “right that’s enough” as I got a huge splash of wet red paint on my eyelid but oh she was having so much fun and well it washed off (in the end). Not for everyone but if you are stuck for something to do and want to give your child something that they will find really funny. Let them paint your face, it doesn’t hurt. Much!


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