Today a funny thing happened, I showed littlelish how I put my earrings in.

She was watching me with fascination.

“Mummy what beautiful earrings, what are those bits for?” (Pointing to the hooked end that go through the ear lobe)

“Well” I said, “I just put them through my ear like that.”

Her face drops in absolute horror.

“B..b..but, but mummy are you bleeding now?” she utters looking like she might vomit

“Oh no sweetheart I have holes in my ears to put them through. It is easy, see?” I say putting the other one in.

The look of sheer terror on her face deepens as she grabs her own earlobes and moves worriedly away from me. She looks as though she might cry….

Wow who knew earrings could look quite so barbaric through the eyes of a child?

QUICK UPDATE: Today she was examining my ears with earrings in and stated “Mummy those earrings do NOT look beautiful through your ears, please take them out!”