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Moving into a house that needs a full renovation requires a whole lot of patience let me tell you. It feels like all we’ve been doing for the last year is either decorating, thinking of decorating, researching the decor or buying things to decorate with. That’s a whole lot of decorating and we still aren’t done.

The good thing about doing lots of DIY is that I now know a thing or two about it. Actually doing up my dream house in real life means I can write about my interior inspiration first hand. Hopefully some days you’ll discover an interesting tip or a new shop that you didn’t know existed and I’m happy to have been of service. Because one thing I have always loved to do is share beautiful, interesting, cool finds with my friends…. and it’s actually the reason I set up this blog in the first place. Back in the day, before blogging was a thing, I used to just love sharing gorgeous finds with my audience, just like I do with my friends.

In the spirit of getting back to me and the return of my blogging mojo I thought I’d let you into a little secret. We’ve tried a new paint brand called Hemsley and it’s lush.

Timeless yet super fresh

Hemsley paint is a Homebase original, designed as a premium luxury paint which dries with an ultra matt finish. The colour range is made up of 56 muted shades and each colour collection is made up of four coordinating tones designed to help you mix and match with ease.

After several days of deliberation we chose to paint my office in Montacute Sage. I knew I wanted a green colour but I could not decide what shade. Loving the darker shades of Pitcombe Pea and Garden, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be overwhelmed with too much green green. It was more the soothing embrace of an airy, pale green I was imagining.

A sanctuary of calm

Well the good news is I am delighted with the colour choice. We’ve been sleeping in this room while we decorate our actual bedroom so I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the walls and I absolutely LOVE it. Bad news is, I love it so much that I’m a little worried I won’t love my actual bedroom colour as much. This room is soft, fresh, bright and soothing. It’s as near to perfect a colour to soothe my soul as I could get. I find the room incredibly relaxing, which also seems to work for me on a work level too. The room isn’t laid out as my office yet as we are still in transition but I am very excited to start working and crafting in here. Visions of my own sanctuary are calling me!

The Hemsley paint has dried with the ultra matt finish it promised and it’s gorgeous. Interestingly the walls feel quite rough, I think it’s just the texture of the paint but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. You can’t see it and I don’t often stroke my walls, no matter how much I love the colour!

It’s not been painted for all that long, a few months perhaps so I can’t say much about the durability but it’s looking good so far. We have no nicks or scuffs. Painting with it was fine and I seem to remember it went quite far, according to the tin it will do 20m2. At £19.99 for a 2.5 litre tin it’s definitely a paint we would invest in again.

We’ve mostly used Farrow & Ball paint in the rest of our house but I’d say we were equally as happy with the Hemsley paint. For me particularly the gorgeous shade of my office makes me want to investigate the colour chart further. Hopefully I’ll find another gem like this one.






Blossom Beauty
Wow we’ve had sunshine this week! And what a difference it makes :) I’m feeling all spring like and cannot wait to get into some lighter, brighter clothes.

The mummy blogger has a fabulous competition running where one lucky blogger can win up to £200 worth of goodies from the White Company. To win you simply have to style your spring outfit, no problem I shout! I’ve styled Littlelish in some gorgeous white stretch jeans from £24 and a lovely petal pink sparkle jumper £28. I think you’ll agree this is a pretty adorable combo – sweet as pie!

I just love The White Company for their understated chic and beautiful muted shades. I want to be soft, feminine and light in the springtime so I think you will agree this striped linen sweater £60 and curved linen t-shirt £45 worn with a crisp pair of white cropped jeans £80 would be ideal. Fingers crossed for a win! I’ll keep you posted…

simply spring


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