christmas-table-bluechristmas-centrepieceplace-settingtable-different-angleanglecandles-christmasclose-up-wrapped-platesdiy-wine-glass-charmhurricane-lanternclose-up-christmas-tablestar-christmas-displaychristmas-table-star I am a total sucker for Christmas. I’m one of those types you’ll find singing at the top of their lungs to Fairytale of New York in the car. You can also pretty much guarentee I’ll be dewy eyed at the first viewing of the John Lewis Christmas advert. For me it’s a time to spend with loved ones, making memories, having fun and treating each other to thoughtful gifts. I know I’m lucky to be blessed with a loving family, a roof over my head and enough money to be able to do these things. For this I am truly grateful.

Perhaps my favourite thing to do on Christmas day is sit round the table together and eat. In my family and I’m sure in countless others across England, the day revolves around the Christmas dinner. We spend ages planning and preparing the meal, creating a beautiful Christmas table and then sit down to celebrate the joy of being together at Christmas, that and the joy of pigs in blankets, yum!

This year I have been asked by Furniture Choice to create and provide my top tips and inspiration on creating a unique Christmas table for the festive season. So here goes!

1. Reflect your personality – First things first, it is easy to go mad at Christmas time and overload on all things sparkly and shiny but as with all things design related it is important to make it ‘you’. Your table can reflect your personality, there are no set colour rules or anything! Be creative, it doesn’t have to be ‘typically Christmassy’ there are so many ways to make it unique and sensational. If you love black and white then create a stunning monochrome table or if you are more of a lover of colour create a colour explosion!

My table is influenced by nordic design with the colour palette of blue, grey, white and wood. I’ve used stars as a theme as well as taking inspiration from the forest. I love the subtle shades, the wooden elements and the bold star shapes because they are all things I love!

2. Think about your walls – Ok so realistically, we aren’t going to paint our walls a different colour just for Christmas but you could think about adding a picture or something that works with the Christmas theme to a feature wall near your table if you have one. In my case I added the lovely Amish Barn star, bought from an Antiques Market for £30 which I think looks beautiful set against the greyish blue hue of my wall and works by pulling the look together.

3. Dining is for life not just for Christmas – Don’t worry about everything being Christmassy! You don’t want to overdo it, plus it is much more affordable and sensible to pick up something you can actually use for the other 364 days a year! I found these contemporary white placements in John Lewis for £6 each and the table tray in the centre for £14. Not only do they work perfectly in this scheme but I know I will get use out of them all year round!

4. Have fun – Christmas is all about having fun together so think of some nice touches you can add to your table which are a bit different or fun. I have wrapped my place settings up with ribbon, which is possibly not the most practical of ideas but it looks so much fun and who wouldn’t like to unwrap their plate! After wrapping the plates I added name tags to the ribbon, along with a sprig of Christmas tree and little homemade bark stars cut out of a sheet of bark from an online craft store.

5. DIY Christmas – Get your craft on and add a touch of the handmade to your Christmas table. I made glass charms for my wine glasses so everyone knows how to identify their wine glass when they retire to the sofa to watch a Christmas movie! These were made from pin badges of woodland creatures I picked up for very little in a junk shop. I removed the pin back with some wire cutters, sprayed them gold and added some twine with my hot glue gun. I then tied these round the stems of the glasses. Completely easy but also totally original and cute!

6. Light it up – No Christmas table is complete without candles. You need candles! I bought a hurricane lamp from Waitrose for the centre of my table but rather than put one pillar candle in it, I added several thinner candles in by sticking them with hot glue to the base (don’t worry it peels off). I love the effect this creates and can imagine it would look amazing with a mixture of coloured candles too.

7. Work around a centrepiece – Every good table needs a centrepiece. Here is where you can be really creative. Use baubles, real foliage, anything you’d like to add some decoration and flair to your table. I opted to layer up (layering is your friend) the tray, a cake stand, a star patterned plate and the hurricane lamp and surround them with simple small pieces of Christmas tree branch to finish off the look.

I hope you are feeling inspired to create your own beautiful Christmas table! Merry Christmas everyone! x