When I heard that 1 in 5 children go to school without breakfast I was shocked and saddened. I cannot believe that anyone would send their little one to school on an empty stomach? We all know that mid morning feeling when your stomach starts to snarl and lunch feels like a long way off – it sucks! Imagine all those tiny bodies running around and using up all their much needed energy to get them through a taxing day at school. Bless!

I am a bit obsessed with healthy food and always have been especially where Littlelish is concerned. We always try to eat organic and homemade wherever possible and steer clear of processed and junk food. I actually cringe when she asks me for those toxic neon yoghurts!

Needlesstosay I am also pretty unflexible when it comes to breakfast time. I will not buy the sugary cereals marketed for children, preferring things like bran flakes, weetabix (and they do organic weetabix!) or musli clusters (I know my daughter must hate me!). We also really like granola, yoghurt and banana or porridge with fruit in our house – yum yum!

I thought I’d share this interesting infographic created by the people at YorkTest – the food intolerance experts. It looks at the different breakfast alternatives for children (including those with food intolerances). I thought it may provide some inspiration and motivation to get healthy!