EMB_COVER_FINAL_adj.indd    I know crochet has been a ‘thing’ for quite some years. While I love crafting and making many things, crochet has not really been something I’ve been inspired to take up…. until now. I’ve been introduced to the world of Edward’s Menagerie: Birds. The book released by Kerry Lord, founder of TOFT a British DIY knitwear and wool company, features 40 patterns for quite frankly the cutest collection of amigurumi (Japanese art of crocheting very cute stuffed animals) birds I’ve ever seen.

stork_bird_dk_amigurumi_crochet_edwards_menagerie_kerry_lordtoft_british_crochet_workshops_amigrumi_pattern_robin_edwards_menagerie_birds_kerry_lordflamingo_bird_dk_amigurumi_crochet_edwards_menagerie_kerry_lordThe patterns are split into sections for 1. beginners, 2. intermediate and 3.advanced, so even a novice crocheter like me can attempt to make one! What I love so much about these birds apart from their obvious adorable design, is the indiviudal personalities and identities each bird has. From Florian the Ostrich ‘who works in fashion’ to Tricia the Silkie Chicken ‘who is a middle-aged, self-employed aerobics instructor thrilled that so many women are still so bad at getting fit and staying thin’, each bird has its own kooky name and personal backstory written by Kerry. Once you’ve read about their likes, dislikes, daydreams and delusions, you can get a sense of their personalities; then you can crochet a bird for each of your family and friends. The birds can even be crocheted in four different sizes, making over 160 different pattern possibilities.

I cannot wait to make one for my girls! I’m already planning which amigurumi bird I want to make for Littlelish and Tinylish and while I’m at it my nieces and nephews AND the rest of my family and friends. I’m thinking they will make the perfect maternity leave project and I have a feeling if I get hooked, everyone will be getting one for Christmas!!


To celebrate the book release, Friday the 28th of August will be a family- friendly celebration at the Toft Alpaca Shop in Warwickshire http://www.thetoftalpacashop.co.uk. From 11am-3pm you can visit for FREE farm tours, drop-in workshops, and a 2pm short talk about the process of designing the book. RSVP is essential though so please email help@thetoftalpacashop.co.uk with the number of people attending!