Image source: Jurlique

Today’s guestpost is all about how to take care of our skin now the colder weather is on its way – great tips that I will be following because I hate having chapped lips and windburnt cheeks!

There are a number of wardrobe benefits to the cold weather – tactile knits and thick socks; cute jumpers and skinny jeans; pretty scarves and warm coats; comfortable layers that follow the latest fashions whilst still managing to stave off the chill. Although there is a lot to be said for the wider choices on offer when you don’t have to worry about beating the heat, the cold tends to sink through to the bone and dry out your skin in ways that you simply don’t have to worry about when the weather is mild. So your skincare routine – just like your wardrobe – also needs to change in the winter months.

Before you leave the house

Rosy cheeks look pretty, but the permanent reddening that can be a sign of weather damaged skin best avoided by making sure that any exposed dermis is properly prepared for the cold. For example, the water-based facial moisturiser that works so well in the spring and summer will not provide enough protection against the autumn and winter elements, so find an oil-based version that offers a protective layer on the skin. Colder weather also means that you can use a heavier base as you don’t have to worry about sweating it off but, even if it’s cold out, the sun can still cause damage so look for creams with a good UV protection built-in.

The cold can also cause a tight, tingling feeling as the skin loses moisture which can lead to cracking, flaking and sometimes the more extreme inflammation of eczema. In short, you need to be aware that winter weather can have a painful and dramatic effect as the cold dries out every area that is exposed to the elements, and prepare yourself accordingly.

Whilst you’re out and about

No matter how much care you take there will always be times where you can’t avoid the sting of a strong breeze or the glare of the snow, so wrapping up warm from top to toe is paramount. As the indoor/outdoor routine of your day puts your skincare routine to the test, try to wear breathable fabrics around your face and neck. We’ve all been in the situation where ducking down into a coat collar or wrapping a scarf across the nose and chin is the only way to keep our faces from freezing, but warm breath creates condensation and will chap the lips and cheeks, so make sure that you keep this wet clothing away from your skin.

Although it’s a toss-up which is worse – extreme cold or warm but slightly damp – dry off any moisture created by your breath and make sure that your lips are protected with chapstick (or a good, oil-based lipstick) to prevent splitting. Again, before braving the elements between errands, make sure you are prepared.

When you get home

No matter how much effort you put into your skincare routine and how carefully you pick your outfit, some effects of the chill will be inevitable. Added to that will be the further damage done by a central heating system as, whether you use electricity, oil, gas or wood, it is renowned for drying out the air and, subsequently, the skin. Warming up gradually in a steamy bathroom is a much better way to get toasty and, as part of this warming routine, a self-heating face mask is the perfect way to replenish the moisture in your skin.

As the intense heat of hot water on cold skin can actually lead to a further loss of moisture as the lipid barriers break down, using a mask that gradually increases its temperature as your body regains a comfortable core heat is a much less damaging way to prepare your face for the next day’s adventures.