My summer clothes are packed and relegated to the loft, making way for Autumns knit jumpers and warm coats. It is a job I have to do every year as the owner of way too many clothes… and yes I still have nothing to wear!

It is every girls dream to have a gorgeous wardrobe to store her beloved clothes in. But what kind of wardrobe suits your style? Below are some great examples of storing clothes for every kind of room and personality.

I currently have a gorgeous modern, shiny sliding wardrobe which I have to say is exceptionally spacious inside. It is probably a little too organised and clean cut for me as anyone who knows me personally will know I am every bit the creative, I love a little bit of chaos ;) and for every piece of furniture to have a soul. If I was choosing with my heart I’d be going for a gorgeous freestanding antique wooden one but for wardrobes it is practicality and organisation that wins.

Sliding Wardrobes – Clean fronted and modern these beautiful wardrobes hide all your clutter behind sleek doors. Clever and calming.

Freestanding wooden wardrobe – A more traditional take on the wardrobe. This type of wardrobe is classic, solid and can move house with you! I love the soft, smooth finish on these particular examples, and I have always been a fan of shutter doors. Stunning.

Walk in wardrobe – For those with the space and the finances, channel your inner diva and go all out luxe with a walk in wardrobe.

Image: Mrs Boho Blogspot

Get creative – If you don’t fancy a conventional wardrobe or are looking for a cheaper alternative why not come up with a creative solution like these above! I love the idea of the tree branch. You can always pimp your wardrobe by opting to wallpapering the inside of it so it matches your interior. Don’t worry about matching your clothes to the wallpaper (as above) that is taking it a step too far!