build-a-den-togetherAs you know I’ve been reviewing Just us box for a few months now. This month I thought I would do something different and get my other half to write his thoughts on our Pillows and Poetry date night! Maybe you are wondering if your partner would be up for such a romantic date? Now I’m sure he won’t mind me telling you that romance is not really his thing, he’s more into movies and a steak but we have really discovered a new side of each other by ‘dating’ in this way. Anyway I’ll hand you over to him… what does he really think of Pillows and Poetry?

For most men the idea of a date night involving poetry may be a bit of a turn off. But once I relaxed into this date night I really enjoyed it and I believe that anyone could have fun with it. Who knows it could even be the start of something more romantic in your relationship.


On opening the box we found all the items we needed to make our very own pillow fort: a large high quality custom made blanket with a star constellation panel on the underside, along with rope, pegs and elastic bands to attach to our supporting corner sofa, playroom chairs and floor lamp. Due to our corner sofa being very low we needed to be extremely creative to make a fort we could actually fit inside but that’s half the fun, right?

Also included were a very cool set of fairy lights on a copper wire and some star bunting to help decorate the fort, a tealight, felt tip pens, poetry writing paper and a small hardback notebook. Once we added a duvet and some pillows inside, the aptly named ‘Fort Squish’ was complete. We turned off the lights and happily squeezed our way inside laughing at how snug and cosy it was. This was a great start to the date but I was still slightly apprehensive about the poetry, worried that I would suffer from a serious case of writer’s block. The last time I wrote a poem on my own was for a best man’s speech for my brother’s wedding which I had weeks and weeks to prepare for.


To ease us into the poetry part of the date and break the ice we started talking about the places we’d love to visit, just the two of us. From Copenhagen and Italy to New Zealand and Japan we had so many places on our wish list. Our minds wandered to thoughts of an amazing trip away, some fantastic places we’d most likely want to choose for our honeymoon when we eventually tie the knot.

The next activity involved writing poetry together, starting with filling in the blanks of some famous poems. We separately tried to guess the right answers and when we didn’t have a clue just tried to make the poem sound funny instead. This didn’t make you think too hard and was just a bit of fun, we became a little bit competitive however and in a stroke of good fortune my knowledge of an Arctic Monkeys song helped me out on the final poem ‘I wanna be yours’.


The moment had arrived that we had to actually start writing poetry but we were eased in gently with a joint effort. We took it in turns to blindly write alternate lines trying our best to make the last words rhyme with the previous line which gave us a chuckle or two at what we had produced. The poetry part of the date culminated for us in producing two poems, a limerick and a poem where we had to use a batch of suggested words, I’m proud(ish) to say these were our attempts to write a limerick about each other:

By Simon

My gorgeous baby bear

That thing only you can wear

A beautiful smile

That goes on for a mile

I cannot help but stare

 By Lucy

There was a fit man called Simon

With the body of a fireman

He lit my fire

And heart full of desire

Now I’m writing poetry ‘n’ a rhymin’

I would say that despite my apprehensions we actually had a really enjoyable and fun date and definitely did something we otherwise would not have considered, as they say variety is the spice of life. To anyone who thinks they would struggle with this date I would advise going into it with a purely open mind. Try to have some fun with it, use the plan as a guide not a task list and make sure you are supportive and encouraging of each other.

The beauty we always see in the Just Us box is how you can re-use the contents of the box, it’s pretty safe to say we got the full use of the fort materials when Littlelish decided to build a fort of her own in her bedroom to sleep in for the next few days. We also decided that we could use the small notebook to write little romantic love messages to each other every now and then and they would be saved forever. You never know there may be the odd poem thrown in for good measure!