It’s been a little quiet on the blog recently but in the real world it’s all go at our house. Just before Christmas we welcomed a new addition to the family, a beautiful little baby girl who we call Baby lish! (well obviously we don’t really call her Baby lish but for privacy reasons that’s her blog name).

A few weeks before her arrival we had a growth scan to check on how she was doing. It seems I grow rather large babies (Littlelish was born at 10llbs) and with gestational diabetes and an enormous pregnancy belly, the doctor was worried I may be growing another whopper. They predicted I had another 10llb baby floating around in large amounts of amniotic fluid, also due to the gestational diabetes. They also spotted she was transverse which means she was lying right across my belly, from right to left, a position they don’t like to deliver babies in. A c-section was the only option recommended and I was promptly booked in the week before Christmas which meant I was home just in time for the festivities with the best Christmas present ever in tow. Oh and it turns out she was a respectable 8llb 4 ounces, quite dinky I thought!


She’s been settling in to the family really well, I’m amazed to find it so relaxed with two as I was a bit nervous about managing two little monkeys, but so far so good. My baby sling has been my life saver as Baby lish doesn’t really like to be put down…. ever! In fact I’m currently stood up with the computer on the kitchen worktop, jiggling to and fro to a bit of ‘Dirty Diana’ with baby snoring in the sling. I’m going with the flow and just enjoying being at home, having lots of cuddles and being mummy to my two gorgeous girls! I had forgotten how much I love this…