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Trends come and go in interior design. One minute we’re painting our walls in terracotta, the next it’s all about magnolia and feature walls. But there are certain interior trends that don’t go out of fashion. From Art Deco statement mirrors to sleek seventies sideboards, certain iconic styles continue to shape interior design today.

Buying furniture can be expensive so it makes sense to invest in something that won’t go out of fashion quickly. While you’re investing in your home, you may also like to review your contents insurance. So what pieces of furniture should you be on the look-out for when scouring charity shops, car boot sales or vintage fairs? Here’s a look at some of the best classic investments.

Art deco classics

This design movement, which started in the late 1920s, was all about contrasting high gloss materials such as silver and glass with polished dark wood. Stylish and glamorous, Art Deco pieces are still very popular today. If you invest in one Art Deco piece for your home, consider a statement mirror. The high street is awash with reproductions, but you could find the real deal at an affordable price if you’re willing to do some digging. The best places to look are specialty shops, antique fairs or even online. Keep your eyes peeled at car boot sales too, as that’s where you can find the biggest bargains if you’re lucky (and arrive nice and early).

Art Deco Sun Glass mirror

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Mid-century pieces

According to Home nothing quite says timeless mid-century design more than an iconic chair.  Tracking one down for your home would be a great investment as they really can transform an ordinary space into something quite spectacular. Classic examples of the mid-century chair include the suspended Bubble and the futuristic Ball Chair, both designed by Eero Aarnio. They still look like they’ve landed from the future. Another classic is the Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen that has a distinctive high back and curved design.

Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen

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Seventies classics

Original furniture from the 1970s can really be a talking point, plus it’s likely to last a lot longer than modern imitations. A sideboard is a great buy for anyone looking for 70s furniture. It looks good, and is highly practical for anyone looking for additional storage.  Look for something in a warm honey-toned wood or teak.

1970’s sideboard

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