onlythinkI’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to romance, pleased with a homecooked meal and a bottle of prosecco. Throw in some candlelight, a picnic blanket and a bunch of roses and my heart is forever yours.

To me romance should never really be about money, it is the thought that goes into the gesture that counts. When it comes to gifts I think the same applies (ok unless we are talking diamond rings!) the more thought that goes into a present, the better. Find something that means something to you as a couple.

And if you can’t find it, why not make it? It doesn’t always need to be complicated or horrendously crafty to acheive great results. How about creating your own Valentines Typography DIY poster, with song lyrics from your song in a lovely frame to hang on the wall? I made this poster for my beloved and it hangs on our bedroom wall. I see it every morning when I wake up and it makes me smile.


I used photoshop to create mine, but it was the simplest thing. I chose a font, selected the colour and layout and added a heart. Bingo. I think it was a 10 minute job (sorry babe, but like I said it is the thought that counts!) If you don’t have photoshop there are lots of design programs online to use, why not check out Canva, it has loads of cool fonts, colours and designs to choose from, it’s brilliant!

I printed it out on some A3 thick high quality paper and framed in a simple frame. If you don’t have an A3 printer you could always take it to a print shop to print for you, they don’t charge much at all, or choose to print it A4 size instead and maybe frame it in a square frame?


kiss me under the light


What about these for inspiration? All available to buy on Etsy (1.TheNativeState  2.CortneysCraft  3.Notbysightdesign).

What are your favourite lyrics from ‘your’ song? Bonus points if you can figure out ours!