Much to my husbands dismay I am a hoarder. This is one of the major problems that comes with being crafty, I think I have a use for everything… and most times, eventually, I do! For those of you who read about me moving house recently I have good news, we are finally making headway with the moving boxes (oh and the neck is totally healed!) which means I have found my craft things and even my – one day i will find a way to recycle / upcycle you thingsĀ  – box. Today I came up with an extremely fun and super cute way to recycle my little girls playdough pot lids.

My little one is crazy about playdough, only problem is she leaves it everywhere and it dries out. This means we have plenty of spare little playdough pots. Too useful to throw away (or recycle) I decided that I was going to make some cool little magnet frames out of them. Best part was it was super easy, you don’t even have to be crafty to be able to do this, it is for everyone! Hooray! I’ve put together a little step by step guide into how to make them so you can all have a go!


1. I took various colour and size playdough lids (just what we have used up recently) and attached some magnets strips to the back of them using a hot glue gun. I didn’t cut them into neat circles but you could.

I printed off some photos I like of my lovely family approximately guessing the size I would need them to be. I drew around the lid on top of the part of the photo I wanted in the frame and then cut about 5mm inside the line so it would fit.

I glued the photo inside the circle and my magnets were finished. I told you it was easy! I think they look really fun. I’m thinking I could definitely expand on these and already have a few ideas up my sleeve for next time!