I haven’t posted a ‘through the eyes of a child’ post for a while. I used to find it was wonderful to share all the funny, innocent pearls that come out of my daughters mouth. Yet it seems recently Littlelish is growing wiser and wiser by the day. She sees things with so much clarity, a perspective way beyond her 3 years. There is not so much childish naivety to laugh at, she sees the world through deep, bright, sparkling eyes.

Today we were sat at the dinner table, just her and I (as Daddylish was working). She suddenly launched into:

“Mummy when I am older, I will have a flower shop. Yes, I will have a lovely flower shop in town that people can walk by and come into to shop. I will live above the shop with my family. I will have 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys and a dog. And I will still be Littlelish”

This is the first time she’s actually spoken about what she wants in the future and it really touched me. I questioned “why a flower shop?” and she answered quite simply, “I like flowers, they make me happy”. It reminded me how important it is to stop and look at things with the eyes of a child now and again, remembering the simple things that we love, the things that make our inner child happy. After all it doesn’t have to be so difficult, like Littlelish put it at the end, we are still the same little girl or boy…

What did you want to be when you were little?