She’s  3 and a half but we’ve already got to that stage…

(It’s dinner time)

Littlelish: Looking forlornly at her dinner… Muuuuum, did this turkey have to die so I could eat it?

Mummylish: (No way to tell an untruth here) Um. Yes darling it did.

Littlelish: Oh well then I don’t want to eat it.

Mummylish: Ok, if you really don’t want to that’s fine…

Littlelish: (Thinks to herself for a while) Pasta doesn’t have to die does it mum? It wouldn’t run away while a hunter was trying to catch it, would it? Giggle giggle…

Mummylish: No darling it wouldn’t.

Littlelish: Yeah I’ll just eat pasta.

Groan…. pass me the veggie cook book!