You rang?

Something has been different in my world for the last 2 weeks. I’ve had no mobile telephone.

Some nasty rotters took off with it as I was dealing with my vomiting seasick child on the ferry. I’d left it on the table while I went to fetch some paper to clean up the delightful mess with a little sicky person hanging round my neck. Because a green/white shivering child clinging to me for dear life “mummy my tummy hurts” wasn’t bad enough. People can be so thoughtful can’t they? ;)

Actually I was very calm and zen about the whole thing (must be in my wise old age) after all it is just a possession, a material thing, whatever. I had a little wobble when I realised how much of my life was actually on the damn thing. Every photo, video I’ve ever made of my little girl, all my contacts and a huge window into my life (my email, my private details) I freaked. What would all this information be used for in the hands of a criminal mastermind? Luckily after a call to vodafone my peace of mind was restored. They can now not only block your simcard but block your telephone, rendering it entirely useless. Thank god. TIP: Always put a password on your mobile phone just in case it falls into the wrong hands.

So 2 weeks have passed since the departure of my beloved blackberry. It’s been quiet. But I have to say I haven’t missed it one bit. I haven’t needed to check every email or FB notification coming into my inbox at every verse end. I’ve been released from my technological shackles. Sure I’ve been online, blogging, networking but as and when I choose rather that carrying it around with me everywhere I go.

If someone needs me they just call on the house phone or email me. It’s a calm I’m quite enjoying and I think I could get use to this.

Only now I have one problem.

My new phone has arrived this morning. (Thanks so much to my gorgeous brother in law for the donation of one very high tech, singing all dancing smart phone).

I’ve already connected my email, FB and brand new twitter account – here we go again!