happinesspinkcampfire-kidsThere is something so magical about Autumn. Ok we have to say goodbye to erm, beautiful summer days and long warm nights (I think I blinked and missed most of them!) but you can pull out your warm snuggly jumpers, grab your comfy boots and head out for a lovely country walk, while admiring the beautiful shades of Autumn leaves. As a family we try to find ways to still have fun outside despite the cooler weather.


One super fun idea that we all love is to make a campfire together outside and this time of year is perfect for it! Last weekend we all wrapped up warm, Littlelish and her friend, who was sleeping over, in fleece onsies, us in anything warm we could find and headed out into the garden when it got dark at around 7 o’clock. We’d been sent a fab package from http://www.certainlywood.co.uk the largest specialist producer of kiln dried firewood and kindling in the UK. All the firewood and kindling is made from sustainable British woodland within just 100 miles from Hereford.

The package contained everthing for lighting the perfect fire from kilk dried logs to natural wood wool flamers to help start the fire and a S’mores kit to make the perfect campfire treat. I don’t who was more excited, Littlelish at the thought of being outside in the dark or me at the thought of S’mores!


S’mores are something we’ve heard lots about but never actually tried making ourselves. I think it’s because they are an American concept and we don’t have the equivalent of Grahams crackers over here. But the clever people at Certainly Wood had been doing their research and picked out some awesome biscuits made by chef Felice Tocchini of Fusion Brasserie that replace or dare I say improve upon the Grahams crackers as well as some luxury marshmellows from the Marshmellow Deli and belgium chocolate from Cocoa Amore. After a couple of minutes work sandwiching the chocolate and marshmellows between the biscuits, we wrapped them in aluminium foil and popped them on a plate ready for toasting.

We usually make a fire outside in our firepit, simply because I worry we have so very many trees in our garden that I would create a slightly larger fire than we’d bargained for! Having said that we did a similar thing last year at my friends house and she built her own fire out of bricks and stones in a circle she’d cut out of her lawn. Once she finished with the fire she just replaced the circle of lawn the next day and noone could even tell she’d had a fire!

Being outside at night time is always going to be exciting to 6 year olds and the campfire and s’mores was a real highlight of the weekends sleepover. They loved the magic of the fire and watching the sparks of fire fly up into the night sky, calling them fire fairies. Once the fire was roaring we added the S’mores onto the grate of the fire, within a minute (they are done quicker than you would think) they were ready to be devoured mmmm!


The little ones stayed outside until it was bedtime and then it was the turn of me and my partner to enjoy the fire, with no little people to warn about getting too close! We snuggled up in front of the fire, with rosy faces from the heat and spent the rest of the evening chatting together. It was wonderfully relaxing and such a gorgeous way to spend an evening together, I can imagine the addition of a glass of red wine would have just topped it off but that will have to wait until baby boo arrives!

How about it giving S’mores and Autumn campfires a go? You could have a magical fire on Halloween and pretend to be witches or combine it with fireworks for your own bonfire nights party?For more ideas on how to light the perfect fire, campfires with kids and cooking on a campfire, take a look at the Certainly Wood website and blog which has some really great tips and inspiration.