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With British homes now only half the size they were in the 1920s, we’re all battling with less space. Which can make home improvements tricky to say the least. But with clever design, good planning and the right fittings, it is still possible to create something special in a small space. Small bathrooms can be particularly difficult to redesign, but from mixer showers to well-placed mirrors, there’s lots of things you can do to create the feeling of more space.

Here are 10 design tips to get you started:

bathrooms design sponge

Image source: Design Sponge

Use some signature wallpaper

Make a small bathroom more interesting with a bit of statement wallpaper on at least a couple of the walls. Just make sure you use one that’s made specifically for bathrooms, which will cope with the damp, warm conditions.

decor pad pink bathroom

Image source: Decor Pad

White with hints of pink

White walls will open up a bathroom, making it feel spacious. Make sure you add really colourful towels and accessories – pink is always a good contrast – to create a bit of interest.


Image source: House to Home

The monochrome look

Even though light colours work well in bathrooms, you can still use darker shades in a small bathroom. You just need to make sure you balance them with a paler suite. Large-format tiles will mean less grout lines and a less cluttered, sleeker feel.

hoxton hotel bathroom#

Image source: Flickr

The hotel-style bathroom

Create a beautiful hotel-style feel by using a counter top basin and a statement vanity unit, both of which will help you with extra storage.


Image source: ideasgn

Make the shower the bathroom

Consider mixer showers and showers that don’t have a threshold or door, creating the largest possible showering space within the standard bathroom footprint of older homes. This type of shower is separated from the rest of the room visually rather than structurally. The continuous floor surface also offers easy accessibility for all ages. For lots of shower options, take a look at Mira mixer showers.

mirrors my scaninavian home

Image source: My scandinavian home

Well-placed mirrors

Enhance the feeling of space within a small neutral bathroom with the use of mirrors. Use a large wall-mounted mirrored cabinet to reflect light around the bathroom.

feature wall sweet peach

Image source: Sweet Peach blog

Make a feature wall

One painted feature wall can really open up a small bathroom. Keep the rest of the walls plain white to make sure you don’t overwhelm the space with too many patterns and clashing colours.

house to home mosaic

Image source: House to Home

Mosaic tiles

Iridescent mosaic tiles will catch light and reflect it back into small bathrooms, helping create a greater sense of space. They also help to add a little touch of luxury!

freestanding bath country living

Image source: Country Living

Get a freestanding bath

Freestanding baths allow more of the bathroom floor to be seen, which will instantly make your bathroom feel bigger. Use a vanity unit with good-sized cabinets for a good storage solution.

glass shower door

Image source: Unknown – Pinterest

Ditch the shower curtains!

As soon as you open shower curtains, your bathroom suddenly feels lighter and more spacious. Install a transparent shower door instead of curtains, to create an airy sensation even in the smallest space.

So there are our 10 design tips for smaller bathrooms. Even if your bathroom is as bijou as they come, everything from mixer showers to large tiles can help make it seem that little bit bigger.