Christmas came a little early at our house this week, as the post man delivered some parcels we were allowed to open before December 25th!

You see I had been asked to take part in the Debenhams Blogger Secret Santa. With a budget of £80, a group of bloggers were chosen and allocated a secret santee (we decided this was officially a word) to choose a gift for from the Debenhams site.

After carefully reading through and researching my secret santee’s blog, deciding what they might possibly like to receive, I set to work browsing the Debenhams site.

Christmas is my all time favourite time of year for many different reasons but one of them is, I love to buy people gifts! There were plenty of beautiful things to choose from and it was pretty hard to narrow it down and commit!

I managed to choose what I think they might like (fingers crossed they did!) and I waited excitedly to see what had been chosen for me. I wondered if my blog gave enough clues into the type of person I am… hmmm! Exciting stuff :)


First to arrive was a package of vintage sweets, it was like opening a mini sweet shop! So lovely, we all appreciated this one, Littlelish, me and my man. Littlelish discovered a new found love of shrimps, I devoured the pear drops the minute I opened it (they are my weakness) and my man opted for the licorice sweets. The sweets tasted so good, nothing artificial, old school and well just scrumptious. There are quite a few empty little jars already and we are just deciding whether to reuse them as a play sweetshop for Littlelish or to fill them with crafty beads, buttons and sparkles!


The second item that arrived was for Littlelish. A fabulous rainforest stamp set by Melissa and Doug, whose toys we love! This is a great present as Littlelish loves to get crafty and creative :) Of course it was immediately put to use, out came the paper and she was in stamp heaven :)


The third item made me gasp a little. It is not often I get to really treat myself and when I do it is normally something quite practical so receiving a wonderful luxurious clutch bag was a real treat for me. It is stunning, sexy and modern and will go with everything! Sleek black leather and a slinky silver strap it is the perfect going out bag. I put it to the test on Saturday as I dined with a friend at an Italian restaurant, it looked great with my red dress and black heels. I know I am going to get a lot of use out of it, small enough not to be a nuisance when you are out but large enough to fit makeup, my purse, phone etc. Just perfect.

So I was in luck, my santee obviously got a pretty clear picture of me as I received some fabulous gifts just right for our little family. So I’m thinking my blog says sweet, creative and stylish which is just about right! Hurrah :) I have literally no idea who my secret santee could be, I wish I could guess but I just have no clue… Amanda? Tanya? Stacey? Come on, who was it?? ;)

Whoever it was, thank you so so much, you put a smile on all our faces. And of course a big thank you to Debenhams for choosing us to be part of the fun! xxx