Since writing about my beachin’ beach last week, my thoughts have turned to summer, holidays and the seaside. It’s been quite some time since we’ve been abroad for a family holiday and I find myself day dreaming of all thing exotic, sandy beaches, warm sea and swimming pools. I’m getting desperate to get away to the sun and have a splash about in the ocean. Holidays refresh me, fill me with excitement and leave me feeling enthusiastic and optimistic.

For me one of the most exciting things about going abroad is taking my Littelish to play in the sunshine. She is just as adventurous and excitable as her mummy so I know we would have a truly memorable time soaking in all the beautiful nature of a new environment and having fun in the water. You just can’t beat these kind of happy memories. To complete my dreaming I’ve been checking out the new SS14 Armani childrenswear collection at Harrods and found this utterly adorable navy and pink polka dot swimsuit and polka dot dress, I just loooove polka dots and Littlelish would look beautiful in this! The new collection  has some fabulous pieces. I particularly love the washed out blue hues of the boyswear. Ok so perhaps my holiday wish list just grew a little longer ;)