Oh my goodness, how did Christmas manage to sneak up so fast? No matter how early I start to think about getting organised with presents, cards, decorations, Christmas dinner, it always seems like a mad rush to the finish line!

The greatest thing about getting all the prep out of the way is we can breathe a sign of relief, crack open the champers and the celebrations can begin. For me this time of year is all about getting together with loved ones and good friends, Christmas get togethers followed by New Years Parties followed by my own birthday in January (if everyone isn’t already exhausted by all the festivities!). It is a whirlwind of friends and families, food and fun.

If you are hosting the party at home make sure to check out my tips below on making sure your party is a big success!

Create space in your home to entertain. Move things aside and put items away that you don’t want to get damaged. Create comfy seating areas, chill out spots, the food table, a bar and maybe even a little dance floor…

Decorate. You don’t have to go all out here, keep it simple. Use an accent colour and run it through your party decorations to tie it all together. How you decorate will be based on the kind of party you throw but surf Pinterest for some excellent homemade inspiration. For me it is all about the details, oh and don’t forget nice scented candles in the toilet :)

Food. If you have plenty of time on your hands you might want to home make your canapes, nibbles and party food, but there is no shame in buying pre-made from the supermarket. In fact it will save you an enormous amount of time! Try to cater for all tastes, something for the meat eaters, something for the veggies, not everything has to be complicated, you can’t beat lovely fresh salad vegetables and a nice dip or gorgeous crusty bread with pate.

Music. Create an awesome party playlist before the night so you can just pop it on and not have to worry about it. Use music that you love with a few party (or Christmas) classics thrown in for good measure.

Fancy dress. Everyone loves fancy dress. Why not give your party a theme and use the planning app from the Fancy Dress Ball to give you a helping hand to organise your party? Meanwhile search the site for your perfect fancy dress outfit, they have some absolutely brilliant costume ideas here, the best I have seen by a mile! I fancy a Great Gatsby style New Year party!

Games. This very much depends on what kind of party it is you are hosting but you can beat a game for a bit of lighthearted fun! It could be karaoke, a good old game of cranium or a classic drinking game. Check out these fun dinner party games.

Drinks. Be creative, sure have wine and beer but what about some seasonal cocktails to add a talking point?  Think mulled wine or champagne cocktails for New Years. Guaranteed to get the party started. You could also think about setting out self service bars, a wine station, a cocktail station and a soft drinks station… it saves you having to continually top everyone up!

Relax and have fun! Don’t let the party planning get the better of you. Relax and enjoy your own party :) Don’t worry, everyone will go with the flow and your friends will enjoy no matter what, that is why they are your friends after all!